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Mixed Pork Soup & Yam Rice @ Sungai Way, PJ

Porky comfort food in Sungai Way....

I have actually been eating at this coffeeshop (on and off) since I was a kid..... but I still find the narrow roads and many one way streets in the Sungai Way area quite daunting, maze-like even!:
Narrow roads and lots of "Jalan Sehala"s...

The nameless coffeeshop is very nondescript, situated at the corner opposite a Chinese temple:
No sign on the coffee shop! :(...

(Opposite this temple - Look out for it... I've attached a map at the bottom of the post though, just in case...)
A landmark, I hope this helps...

Of course, the setting is simple - deteriorating wooden tables, plastic chairs and slightly dingy tiles, all adding to the rustic charm of this place:
Basic coffeeshop ambience...

In terms of food: There isn't actually much choice here, just a pan mee stall at the side, and this pork soup stall which I LOVE:
(20 years and still going strong!)
The stall uncle working his magic...

The soup - ah the glorious "sweetness" of the pork melted into the broth, mixed with the saltiness of the salted vegetables (ham choy) and slight peppery kick:
Piping hot bowl of happiness...

You can choose what you want served with it, ranging from:
- lean meat cuts,
- fatty meat cuts,
- pork meat balls <-- YUMMY! Bouncey, salty (in a good way) and tasty! :D
- as well as various porcine internal organ slices.

I usually go for pork balls and lean pork....
Mind you, the pork balls ROCK, but the lean pork slices can have a slightly dry texture...
(Hey, it's because it's lean meat (ie. healthier) and he doesn't use tenderizers as far as I know)

Another great dish served by this stall is the yam rice:
Hearty chunky yam rice...

:) :) :)
Love it, as carby as it is - perfect comfort food.

Also popular is the stewed pork:
Glistening pork - how beautiful you are...

Although it's only moderately tender and not really that meaty... the chunks of pork, cooked in a simple soya sauce base really hits the right spots.

I don't have the exact price for each dish but total bill for:
- 2 large bowls of yam rice
- 3 servings of soup with pork & misc piggy parts
- 1 serving of stewed pork
= RM 22!
So worth it, right? :)

I'm not sure if this old uncle has any "heirs" to pass the yummy recipes down to... but I hope and pray that he does (or that he will live forever).
(Selfish, I know... but the food is delicious!)

So, it's: YUMMY AND AFFORDABLE porky soup, yam rice and stewed pork trotters in a simple setting BUT hidden in the maze like Sungai Way area and beware! - the uncle running the stall can suddenly decide to take an off day whenever he wants.....

Summary Information:
Porky Soup stall @ Sungai Way, PJ

Opening Hours: Tues to Sunday (approx.) 8.30am till 2pm
Phone: -
Address: At crossroads of SS9A/2 and SS9A/9, Sungai Way, 47300 Petaling Jaya


(Based on Masak-Masak's directions)

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- Masak-Masak
- waisikkai

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  1. Kinda forgot on the road in Sungai Way area :P
    when my friend lived in this area a few years ago, I used to look for him...

  2. to thule aka leo:
    Tell me about it! I still get so lost in there no matter how many times I go.. =_=

    to Bangsar-babe:
    Quickly go makan it before you start on any strict pageant diets (Not that you have to lose any weight loh - You oredi slim enough babe!)....

  3. Yummy! All my favourite stuff too!

  4. Unka is gonna love this! Ok, tiem to take the GPS out!!

  5. to Lyrical Lemongrass:
    Well, what's there not to love about yummy soup and pork balls anyway, right? :) :)

    to thenomadGourmand:
    Gambatte! Nothing like a little food adventure to make life fun! :)


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