Wednesday, September 28, 2005

For The Love of God ~ WHY?? ~


The following photos may result in sudden and profuse bleeding from the eyes........

No, ~REALLY~, I'm serious.........

OK.... If you're really sure, I present to you:

*drum roll*

Cosplay - The Ultimate Delusion
(AKA. The White Guy Who Thought He Was A
Female Anime Character)

*crime against humanity alarm bells start ringing in the background*

Source: The Official Man Faye Site @



Anyway, onto the history of Man Faye.....

Man Faye first set the world on fire at Anime Expo 2002 in Long Beach, California. Before that the world of anime was but a grain of sand on the vast beach of world culture. Cowboy BeBop, the original series Man Faye appeared in (funfact: in the original series, Faye is actually a WOMAN!) was unpopular and known to perhaps a few dozen die hard fans.But that was before.
Before the most electrifying man in cosplay history hit the scene. After his brief appearance at AX 2002, rumors of 'the chosen one' spread like wildfire. Even those who witnessed it in person doubted their memories- was it all just a sweet, sweet dream? But it was real.
Man Faye broke a year of silence with numerous showstopping appearances at Anime Expo 2003.
Little is known about Man Faye- where he came from- his plans for the future...but one thing is for sure- cosplay will never be the same.

I'm sure that Man Faye is a nice guy really, without the yellow crotch-pinching outfit, but I wonder what the h3ll is wrong with him.....

Anyway, on another note:


(Hope you've gotten over your hangover)


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    Penny For Your Thoughts

    AIEEEEE!!! Mein eyes!!! *sob*
    Pat | Homepage | 09.28.05 - 7:31 pm | #


    Yeah, I know what you mean...(but hey, I ~warned~ you!)
    J | Homepage | 09.28.05 - 7:55 pm | #


    FAscinating. I think, you konw what? he looks better than the chicken parts guys.
    sneexe | Homepage | 10.04.05 - 2:53 am | #


    Ewwww... Man Faye looking better than the Chicken Parts guys??
    No way!

    Man Faye is an abomination of nature.....

    J | Homepage | 10.04.05 - 2:59 pm | #


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