Thursday, September 15, 2005

LOOK, it's ~ART~!

Mmmmmm..... Half naked men, covered in no more than a skivvy of cloth (classic tighty whiteys, at that) and a generous dusting of white powder all over, posing in pretty pink high heeled shoes....

YUP, it's definately art!
(see for yourself...)

I was just thinking back to June, when me and the bunch (Albert, Julian, Sneexe and Chen Hoe) were at the KLPAC for a French trapeze show, Somewhere in the Middle by Compagnie Moglice Von-Verx.

The trapeze was really good....(It's amazing what you can do with two women, some wire and a lot of creativity)....but what has been really permanently emblazoned in my mind is the free performance that was held outside the main building after that.

The 10th installment of Chicken Parts: Rise of the Phoenix, ....ahhhh.. how I shall always remember the day I witnessed such a spectacle. I don't quite understand the meaning behind the whole set-up but all I can say is: Malaysia boleh! (at least it was different lah)

Hmmm,... looking back at the photo now, it does look like that kid in the red t-shirt is having waaay too much fun.....

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