Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blog Birthday #6

6 years old already!

It's something I keep saying quite a lot... but hey, it's true - TIME FLIES (especially) WHEN YOU'RE HAVING FUN***.


I can't believe it's already been 6 years since I started blogging.
(SIX YEARS of food blogging! That's a lot of time/money/calories invested, don't you think so? lol)

It's been a slow couple of months, with work overwhelming my waking hours, but I'll try my best to get back to the regular schedule soon. :)

(Random photo of me launching a sneak attack on a lovely chocolate cake baked by my friend Jolyn)

Getting older and OLDER,

*** Time, as I (re-)discovered, also flies when you're not having that much fun and are just really, REALLY busy with work. =_=

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  1. wah 6 years old! very old!! hehe

  2. Keep up the good writing :) Happy 6yrs anniversary!

  3. Congrats! Keep the eating spirit up, lol!

  4. Wow ... din know it's been 6 yrs for you. Congrats. And keep it up.

  5. Here's to many more chocaholic memoirs! *muacks*

  6. Happy Birthday to your blog =)

  7. to Michelle Chin:
    Haha... Wait till "I" hit 7 or 8 or 9 - then I'll be ancient? lol

    to Baby Sumo:
    Thanks! :) :) :)

    to PureGlutton:
    Haha... Thanks! I'll try my best. :D

    to J2Kfm:
    Hee hee hee. So old, right? Thanks! :)

    to UnkaLeong:
    Om nom nom NOM! :D

    to melissathegreat:
    Thank you! :) :)

  8. Acquiring go through this I believed it had been extremely educational. I value you taking time and hard work to place this informative article with each other. I when yet again discover myself shelling out strategy to considerably time equally looking at and commenting. But so what, it had been even now worthwhile!

  9. stefaniebraukmann@hotmail.com18 September, 2011 17:09

    Dear J, you say you love chocolate and I would have liked to invite you along to a chocolate tasting event in KL next week,but couldn't find your e-mail on your blog... how do I contact you?

  10. Sorry dear for wishing your blog anniversary this late, keep feeding us more goodies ya ;-)


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