Friday, September 13, 2013


Since so many of you have been talking about this already: Yes, I, Boring Finance Person in Office, really had a food blog.

If you really do Google for it:

As you can see, I haven't updated properly for about 2 years, so, sorry to disappoint you....
Anyway, move along now - Nothing to see here :)

If you need Malaysian food referrals there are links to my friends' awesome blogs at the lower right side of the blog. Or just ask me in office :)

J the Chocoholic

Yes, I realise this is what Singaporeans can call a "bohliao" post, but I was stressed, and you guys made me reminisce over my now lapsed blog life so I took 5 minutes to post this up.


  1. haha. i also never come here d. :)

    but hope you are doing great in SG.

    plan to come back to KL or not? :D

  2. to Joo Yee:
    Sorry :( For not updating for so so long...

    No plan yet to go back to KL. Work has devoured my life... Sometimes no time to even think about what to eat for lunch or even eat lunch so even more no time to think about the future.

  3. Hey J!

    My name is Danial from Lion & Lion, the digital agency. We’re currently working together with AXA AFFIN for a cancer outreach campaign.

    I came across your blog and really found it to be a great read! You have a wonderful writing style that’s really personable and fun. Your blog has a great aesthetic that really complements the content, the layout and photos make each post appealing and easy to look at. I loved reading about Les Deux Garçons, everything looks so good! I just wanted to ask if you’d be interested to help us out by writing a post to help spread cancer awareness and those suffering from it in Malaysia.

    AXA AFFIN is working in collaboration with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) to support cancer patients currently undergoing chemotherapy. They’ll be funding chemotherapy daycare usage for one cancer patient for every blogger that links back to their 110CancerCare website in their efforts to care for cancer patients. Basically, a post from you gets a cancer patient one-day funding for their daycare usage at NCSM Treatment Centre and you’ll be helping them through recovery, both financially and emotionally.

    Please drop me a line if you’re interested in lending a hand, or have any questions. You can contact me at and/or 013-2851995.

    Thanks, I look forward to your reply!

  4. i suppose if you reading this, can you opt not to disclose my previous comment? lol.. just add me!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. to Joo Yee:
    Sent you a request already (FB).
    And I deleted your previous comment so that The Internets won't have your email :)


Appreciate your thoughts, opinions and feedback. :)