Thursday, October 19, 2017

Goodbye, Friend.

When did we meet?
I cannot remember exactly. It certainly was many years ago, through some common blogging friends.

You always characterized yourself as eccentric, introverted, and adverse to crowds but beneath that self professed allergy to humans, you were one of the most kind, authentic people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Your laughter, unbridled and straight from the heart, could warm up the coldest room. Your words, wise and honest but without malice, were always shared with no hidden agenda.

My regret? We never got to catch up as often as I would have liked. We are both workaholics, and certainly the physical distance did not help. Then came more work, family, and for me, my little monster. Life just gets in the way, doesn't it? And cruelly, it also takes everything  away with no warning.

I'm still stunned.
When I saw the news on FB, my only thought was, "It has to be a mistake"... but when I saw the news article, and the photo of your car, I was filled with a darkness and dread I cannot explain.

I'm still angry.
Why you? Why? It's not fair. You are the last person who deserved this.

I don't pray. I have never been the Godly, pious type... but I do hope you have found peace, and that heaven is a place where you have access to library filled with amazing books, a cosy nook all to yourself, with an amazing view, a record player, an endless selection of your favourite music and all the most delicious foods available 24/7.

RIP Gregory. You will be so very, very dearly missed.

Goodbye for now, Till I see you again,


  1. When his cousin contacted me on FB, when I read the message and saw the word "wake", my head spinned.. and I had to ask myself how many Gxxxx Kxx i know. And I was in denial. Refused to believe it.
    He had to convince me by sending that link. And it was cold, so very cold and it was like a nightmare that I'm awake and caught in.

    Many people came to his wake. He was loved by many for sure.
    He looked well.


  2. I know how you feel :(
    Even now, days later, I keep alternating between denial and blinking away tears.

    I regret I couldn't make it back for the wake. This is the bitter thing about living so near but so far away. :(

    He was an amazing person. Certainly the world is a darker place without him in it. I can almost imagine him saying "Aiya no need to make a fuss about me lah. Shit happens", but I can't help but to mourn him.


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