Monday, May 12, 2008

All Apologies


Me busy:
- New boss is here!
- House buying stuff....
- Two weddings in 2 weekends... *phew*... (Kuching and KL)

Oh, and very "no mood".
(Horrible excuse, I know.....)
It's not that I haven't been going out to try out new restaurants with my friends... Just that when I look at the blank blog post, I don't really know what to write....

I promise I'll snap out of it soon.... but in the meantime *HUGS* I hope you are all well.


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  1. you are mean and heartless, and I cannot forgive your unbloggingness. unless .......

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  3. to b:
    Oh no...! I can't have you angry with me.
    What do I have to do to redeem my unbloggingness??

    to yatisalem:
    Thanks. I will have a look at it when I can.
    (No promises that I'll sign up though - I'm a strange mix of lazy/ snobby/ fussy/ suspicious)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. you'll have to make me happy, cuz at the moment I am not too pleased.

  6. You can't stop blogging now. Esp not after being featured several times by STAR! ;-) Kekeke...

  7. to b:
    But how? Ok. I bring some nice Malaysian food for you to eat - you just send me the airticket to Canada (return ticket preferred).

    to tankiasu:
    Yeah lah - I can't because I am like, sooooo famous now, right?
    Am so far from being one of the "famous top bloggers".
    (For one, I am definately not getting any money or free tickets or other blogger swag)

    Oh, but this doesn't mean that I'm stopping... :) Just a short(-ish) unscheduled break.

  8. hmm, that would be NICE, but I want more.

  9. Wahh... featured in the Star eh? That I didn't know!

    Hey, how could a minion member of Saturday Nite Dinner Kakis do the write-up for Pick & Brew @ One Utama before the FGC (Facebook Group Creator) does?

    Thanks for organising a really fun evening out ... cheer! AND .. Have a good Wesak Day!

  10. to b:
    Well then, B. State your demands and I'll see what I can do.

    to julian si:
    That's because the FGC is still very much heartbroken (and overworked from her day job) so she doesn't have much mood to blog, Mr Kiasu.

  11. Boo hoo ... Mr Kiasu!?


  12. to julian si:

    And btw: You win.

  13. Why you so like that, in my best Singlish tone!

    Heh heh :-)

  14. just got back from the rocky mountains in Alberta. so my demand is something that can ease the pain in my poor body.

  15. Hey babes...I was going to bloggers block too! Of course it takes something to jolt me back to it and it almost always isn't something good, but it gets me writing again...

    ah...i need to go sing my heart out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. to b:
    Come over to Malaysia then - I have a bottle of whiskey with your name on it....

    to judithlyn:
    Sing away! I hope it's a happy song though...

  17. So how's the house buying coming along?

  18. So how is the house hunting?

  19. to son of a cow:
    House hunting went well. Am committed to a new condo in the Hartamas/ Segambut area already.

    Now I'm just a little worried on how much I'm gonna need to cut back on for everything else considering the bloody petrol price increase...

    to b:
    Get on that plane then. :P

  20. haha, there's always a catch. nothing is free right? now I just need to find 2k dollars for a plane ticket, and I'll be in heaven. you'll booze me up so I'll forget about you not blogging.

  21. to b:
    Don't you think it's a good deal? You, me and Pat can share my 15 year old bottle of Whiskey.
    (Erm... I may have accidentally drank a few glasses of it already though....)

  22. gasp.. you already drank from it..... 15 year old, hey, thats the good stuff. that must be pretty smooth whiskey.

    so I see the night going like this. asuming you drink at night and are not a raging alky.

    you get me drunk, and pat takes advantage of me in my drunken state. I wake up, and wonder what really happend that night.

    you are a trickey girl

  23. to b:
    Yup, 15 years is lovely and smoooooth...

    Well, to help you from having to just wonder - I could take photos! Would that help?

  24. I forgot that you are a master photographer... ok... more photos the better.. but you have to really get the really dirty close up pictures.
    you really are taking a blog break. eh??!??!??!?!?!??!

  25. oi a bit long right the break

  26. how long is the scheduled blog break?
    need more input for new gastronomical experiences


  27. Wah its been 1 and a Half months, still blog-less!!? :-)

    Hope ya well!

  28. to b:
    Dirty close up photos? Erm. Those are not exactly my area of expertise but I'll see what I can do.

    (Yes, it seems to be a very long break - sorry)

    to sooj:
    Much longer than I planned.
    But.... I am still very emo lah - so how?

    to howshouse:
    Sorry to disappoint you but there is no schedule. I've been hoping to snap out of my emo-ness but I am still very much heartbroken.
    (Food just doesn't taste the same and I don't want to put up an unfair review)

    to julian si:
    Still blogless? Erm. Yes lor.
    (I'm surviving - thanks)


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