Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blog Birthday No. 3 (+2 days)

Another year zips by and my blog has made it past its terrible twos! (sort of)

[ YIKES - what's wrong with me? My blog's birthday is supposed to be 10 September! *sigh* My brain must have failed during the Uber-workaholic part of my life.... ]

Memoirs Of A Chocoholic is now three years old!

A part of me never thought that I would get it this far actually, but what a ride it's been so far! Well, it's not like I've prospered from this blog or anything like that though:
No lah. Not at all I think.....
Although every once in a while one of my friends will tell me that their family/ colleague/ friend has referred to my blog for reviews....
.... and my friends are all like "Oh, I know her personally lah - she's my friend",
.... and their friends are all like "Wah, so cool... You know one of those famous bloggers!"
*Fuu yoh* So glam, right?
(Hahahaha..... Yeah right!)
(:P Don't take me seriously, ok? I know I don't.....)

This one definately not at all. I added in Nuffnang ads to support Mr Timothy Teoh in a "Malaysia Boleh" sorta way but let's just say it's definately not paying any bills.

This one's a 110% definately - YES (without a doubt).

Oh well, this blog has still given me the greatest excuse to take a bite of everyone's food so I think I'll try to keep it running for the time being....

Seriously though, I realise I have been heavily infrequent with the updates, especially in the last couple of months.... So, to those who still continue visiting (and especially to the ones who leave comments *HUGS*):
I am so so sorry.

Thanks for all your support so far... but this heartbreak is taking much longer than I thought it would take to heal. After so many months, it still hurts like heck.

(Good news!:) I am however, progressing somewhat because I have definately moved from the stage of DEPRESSION to SADNESS and am now entering ANGER.
(Hopefully next stop will be HEALING and then HAPPINESS, but we'll see - I've currently lost all hope in love and men)

Anyway, enough sadness.

Today is a happy day - my blog has survived (more or less) one more year... and I promise I'll be back.

More hugs,

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  1. hey. J don't feel so glum chum, you'll be ok. me and my gf separated last Sunday, and it hurt a lot too. but, me and you will be ok. don't worry. you're wonderful.

  2. Happy blog-b-day to you. mmm...can you skip the ANGER phase and move straight to HEALING or better HAPPINESS? Anger is bad to the soul.

  3. to j:

    to b:
    Well, I hope you're feeling better now.
    (And thanks... you're great too)

    to anonymous:
    And I wish I could too but that clearly falls into the "easy to say but hard to do" category of things in life.

  4. Congratulate to your 3years of blogging! Well done! keep it going!

  5. to j:
    It just occured to me that because our nicks are the same, it really looks like I'm talking to myself!

    to big boys oven:
    Hopefully I can break out of this long phase of moodiness and start blogging properly again though.

  6. congratulate...keep it on!!!

  7. congratulations to Memoirs of Chocoholic!!! 3 years old already? wow... :)

    your blog actually helped me alot in giving me ideas on where to go for lunch/teatime or dinner... thank you thank you...

  8. to squall:
    Thanks! :)
    I'll try my best! See whether I can keep it up for another 3 years or not....

    to mei-wah:
    Thank you, thank you....
    And no probs - I'm just glad that I can help you in a small way.
    (Hope that you find my recommendations dependable though)

  9. Happy BLOGbirthday, J :-)

    Hugs ...

  10. oh yeah, happy blog day.

    thanks I feel MUCH better :P

  11. to julian si:
    Thanks Julian.

    to b:
    Thanks. Glad to hear that you're feeling better.

    Hang in there, B.

  12. waiting for your comeback~

    happy 3yrs old!


  13. to always~:
    Awww... thanks for the support.

    I wish I could recover faster though but it's turning out to be another one of those "easy to say bit hard to do" things that life is full of.

    (Wah. Now I feel pressure though! Haha....)


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