Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dream A Little Dream

Proudly brought to you by a wonderful concoction of flu meds and whiskey......

She dreams of a day when she no longer hates,
When life becomes calm, painless, sedate.

Alas. The fantasy is far from her grasp,
Reality is haunted by ghosts of the past.

Painful reminders of what she can’t have,
The warmth of happiness, to smile, to laugh,

The worst of all pains, to know it exists,
Just not for her. No. She’s not on the list.

So many questions are stuck in her head:
Is it stupid to keep trying? Is it stupid to wait?

All she knows is: she’s written another stupid rhyme.
And worst of all, the whiskey bottle is dry.


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  1. Hey, there's always a whiskey bottle here with your name on it ... Hang in there :-) J!

    I hope that isn't the whiskey you promised me!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  3. to julian si:
    Really? :) Yay! Whiskey!

    to b:
    Wow. I am really feeling the love here. :P
    (So mean! You think the whiskey is more important than me?)

  4. what can I say after you said that???


    J, you are the light on the darkside of me.

    so you can have your crazy whiskey parties. I'll just sit here, and stare at the wall.


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Yup yup ... 12 good years :-)

    ps - Can get 18 even better years too! :-)

  7. to b:
    Awwww... :)
    Well, sorry about finishing the whiskey B. I was having a rough couple of weeks. Next time I promise I'll save some for you, ok?

    to julian si:
    18 years whiskey is YUM! :)

  8. haha, it's ok. I'm just playing around. If I wana get all pissed up, I know how to do it.... but...then again..... you aren't posting much... new bf?

  9. to b:
    Nope. I wish that were the case.

    But it's more of me just not being in a positive enough state of mind coupled with not wanting to post emo stuff all the time.

  10. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,, yeah, usually your post are so sweet and charming.
    you need some chocolate a.s.a.p.

  11. people give this woman chocolate !!!

  12. to b:
    Yes. Lots and lots of chocolates please. :D

  13. to -eiling-:
    Would that make me a thief though?? *lol*
    Anyway, I've happily moved on to a nice bottle of Cointreau. I really have to wean myself off all this alcohol soon though - I'm sure I have pickled my liver by now.

    to b:
    I'm sipping on Cointreau. :)
    The bottle's still quite full if you're interested!

  14. hmmm , Cointreau??? is that the liquor that taste like oranges???

    OH YEAH!!! forsure I'd join yah.. my little cupcake

  15. to B:
    Yup! That's the one! :)
    Fly over now lah. Before the Cointreau runs out too... :P

  16. to B:
    Yup! That's the one! :)
    Fly over now lah. Before the Cointreau runs out too... :P

  17. you might need to get some more,, it might take me a while... just stay drinking until i get there

  18. to b:
    Cool - I'll try my best not to wear out my liver before you arrive though.... Haha...

  19. to Andrew Abraham:
    You again?
    (SPAMMERS! *sigh*)

    (Yes, I really should relook my personal rule about not deleting any comments unless they have swear words in them/ are rude)


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