Monday, September 22, 2008

I Love Bubbles

Please sir, can I have some more?.........

(June 2009)

Despite being so expensive (and the supposed** worldwide recession), this brunch buffet is extremely popular. So please make your bookings at least 2 weeks ahead to avoid disappointment (especially if you plan to go in a big group).

** It's not that I'm trying to make a joke of it, but I am perplexed by how many people are still shopping so much (from my last visits to One Utama / Midvalley)...

(as at Jan 2010) I've heard that the price has gone up, again, to RM228++.
Happy New Year. =_=


What would I do if I had RM 198++ RM 228++ to spare?

If you asked me before, I may have named a couple of things I'd like to do like go for a massage... or maybe buy a new pair of shoes.... but now, I know for sure that I'd happily blow all that cash on the Sunday Bubbly Buffet Brunch at the Westin Hotel...

I know, I know - It's definately a lot of money but not only is there free flow of champagne (Laurent Perrier!), wine (red & white), appletinis (yummy), etc, there's also a seemingly endless flow of freshly made pastas, pizzas and other Italian specialties....
(And mind you, the food is actually good! - unlike many other buffets)

They even have GIANT bottles of champagne ready for alcoholics like me... *grin*:
Wah - so BIG!.....

The 3 hours (11.30am to 2.30pm) that I spent there was heaven. The staff there were very attentive and it was almost like my champagne glass was bewitched! - Everytime I turned around, it was magically refilled! :) :) :)

Needless to say, the price is extremely painful to the average wallet (like mine, although I didn't pay that day - thanks R! You're such a darling)... but I will be counting the days till I can afford to go there again.

So, it's: Wonderful combination of delicious Italian food and free flow of yummy champagne and other alcoholic beverages BUT it's SOooooooo expensive :(.....

Summary Information:
Sunday Bubbly Brunch @ Prego, Westin Hotel, KL

Opening Hours: 11.30am till 2.30pm
Price: RM 198 228++ per person
Phone: 03-2773 8338
Address: 1st Floor, Prego, Westin Hotel, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL, Malaysia.


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    Glad u had a great time, J!

    ps - For about half the cost, and if u don't mind having white / red wine instead, check out my latest discovery ... Hartamas' RUMOURS.

  2. to julian si:
    Not that I don't like wine (I do, I do!) but I'm saving up my money for the bubbly buffet! :D
    (I think I'm in love!)

  3. hey woman....they've jacked up the prices?

    the last time i went it was 168++!!

  4. to J:
    When was the last time you went? Like I said, I didn't pay that day but that's the price I remember seeing on the Westin website....
    (Hmmm... let me go double check)

  5. to J:
    Yups. It's RM 198++ *sigh*.
    I guess it must be because of the petrol price increase (??)....

  6. to food promotions:
    Cool. Thanks!
    Your website looks useful. :)

  7. shiiiiiittt....198++?!! crap...i'm going this sunday.....


  8. to j:
    Really?? Why?? With who??
    (Damn, I'm so tempted to go too!!!)

    btw: Hey, I thought we were going to go there for Pat's bd?

  9. a bewitched champagne glass... what a perfect thought. lol :D

  10. to cumi & ciki:
    Haha... Well, I wish I could find one to keep at home! :) :) :)
    (I would be so happy!)

  11. Hey there! Come and join us for a BBQ buffet at the beach in Penang this Christmas with watersports activities included! Sign up now! Check out my website at Thanks!

  12. to run with the wave:
    Sorry but I'm not going to be anywhere near Penang during Christmas...

    Anyway, best of luck. I hope your event is a success and you'll have lots of fun too. :)

  13. Greetings J!! HAPPY HARI RAYA!! You've just been tagged ...


  14. It certainly look tempting, but the price is really killing... hmmm... when is my turn??!!! sigh... jealous...

  15. to julian si:
    Erm... thanks?
    (I'm usually quite bad with tags, as in I take AGES to do it, but I'll try)

    to mel^^mel:
    The price is super killing... :(
    I think for me, probably can only go once (at most, twice) a year... Slowly save up one to two ringgit a day and you'll be able to go in no time at all. :)

  16. Good food at a buffet? WITH free flowing champagne! I'd go for that.

  17. to nate-n-annie:
    Go, go! :)
    It's so rare to have good food at a buffet. I remember biting into the grilled lamb and thinking "OMG! It's actually tender... and tasty too!"

    Oh, but do remember to leave lots of space for the champagne... :)

  18. hi ms.choco^^
    can u recommend me
    places or restaurant for couple for romantic dinner?
    is it my BF bDay..and v r 19th y.o..price average is around rm200..

  19. to kelly:
    Wah. Nowadays you youngsters are so much richer than I used to be at that age... :P
    (But then again, with the horrid rate of inflation - 200 bucks is not that much anymore)

    Anyway, it depends on what you like.. :)
    (I'm not sure whether you mean 200 bucks per person or 200 bucks in total?)

    Here are a few places I like:
    1) Italian
    a) Sassorosso: Romantic, cosy setting in a small bungalow off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

    b) Villa Danielli: Also very romantic, but quite expensive.

    c) Porto Romano: More affordable, and not as romantic (because sometimes, there are families eating here at night,.. with all their kids in tow) but the food is good - I think they serve one of the best lamb shanks in KL.

    a) Cafe Cafe: Romantic setting, very nice ambience.

    b) Le Bouchon: Actually, I have never tried this place (although I want to soon) but my French Chinese friend says the food there is nice.

    a) Bermuda & Onion: More of a casual setting but the food is nice.

    I hope this helps... BTW: Have fun! *hugs* I hope you have a great celebration with your bf. :)

  20. PEZDA V OPASNOSTE!!!!111


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