Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Kingdom For A Flu Cure

Bmy NDose iz Blocked.....


Just so you know: I am still alive... Have been having a run of bad luck lately (of which one of the highlights was falling sick during the Hari Raya holidays *sigh*) but I have sort of survived.


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Lyn said...

Oh my! Hope you're getting better!!!!

Many hugs and thanks for completing the survey!


J said...

to lyn:
Oh, no problem at all. It wasn't any trouble to do anyway. :)
(Hope your assignment went well)

I'm feeling a lot better now thanks... *hugs*

I hope you're doing well in the UK now. Hopefully I'll be able to visit you next year so book a space on your sofa/ floor for me, ok?

B said...

come visit me!!!!

J said...

to b:
Plane ticket for moi, si vous plait.... :P

Anonymous said...

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