Monday, December 22, 2008

Warning: Toxic Waste

What's with people nowadays?

I mean, I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion.... but I have found out that my blog (and I) had been given an absolutely damning description of:
"A worthless BLOG, seems it was created by scum dwarf of an ugly bitch in Malaysia, but WTF do you expect from a Muslim .......

Horrible, very anti white, very anti American, very pro Islam.
Ramblings of a distrurbed female mind who seems to be eating chocolate while on the rag"
at this website.

Actually, it's almost funny now that I read it again... but it really makes me wonder why there is so much hatred in the world (UNPROVOKED hatred at that).
(And why is it that so many people assume that all Malaysians are Muslim?)

Amused yet pertubed,
J the Chocoholic

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  1. I was really taken a-back by this comment which is more untrue that pigs flying!

    Sigh ... can't please them all.

    Good on you to have the tenacity to publish the comment, you are one strong Chocoblogger!

    A fan of your blog..
    Just me :-)

  2. I don't know man, I'm laughing too hard at the nonsense. :D

  3. ah....reminds me of a conversation i had with a friend regarding ignorant fools...

    "j: i'd be swearing by now if i were you
    me: well, sometimes i don't because i believe i should feel sorry for daft people"


    have pity on those poor single brain cell-ed organisms....!

  4. I had to comment on that comment made by that useless fool......

    Go check it out!!!!'ll love it...or so I think!!!!

    I think your blog's fab. In what way has it ever been anti-american anyway???

  5. to Julian Si:
    Thanks dear. *hugs*

    to nina shah:
    You're not the only one. A large part of me is very amused (while the other part is quite shocked).

    to j:
    Indeed! :)

    to lyn:
    Thanks, girl. :)
    (I don't know how I'm anti-American either - that took me completely off guard. I'm only anti-"oh my country is/ I am so perfect and you are barbarians based on my absolutely baseless assumptions and very unbalanced views")

  6. Ah nuts - that sucks arse! Why not dwell on the relentless committment of over 2 years of selfless blogging, or the fact that you get more than a number of hits a day to illustrate that there is a significant percentage of the world's population who drop be again and again?

    Having been on the wrong end of the Mormnons' stick for a while now, I really feel for you, J.

    Happy New Year, and don't let the red-necked internet bullies ('cause that's surely what they are) get you down.

    Chocolate stat!

  7. to donkey blog:
    Thanks dear Donkey! :)
    *nibbles on her chocolate bar*

  8. It takes all types. Unfortunately!Ignore it, be amused.

  9. to Perpetual Chocoholic:
    True true... :)
    (Well, the world would be a really boring, bland place if everyone was exactly the same anyway...)

    to B:
    Happy holidays to you too, B! :)

    aku dari kg laloh kuala krai kelantan, budak pekida sini memang samseng, boss nya usop pahi memang kaki samseng, yusni lagi teruk, brahim boyo, awi tok awang kekcok, suha ini sebahagian yang aku boleh sebut, tapi ramai lagi lah, mereka ni semua kaki pukul, tarik kereta, peras ugut orang, curi kereta, kaki mabok, buat kacau kedai kopi dan macam macam lagi lah memang teruk pendek kata keselamatan kampong memang terancam, pk la boss pekida.

  11. Heya, just stumbled on your blog and I love it! ^^

    Ignore the idiot who wrote that. It's just simply not true. I've been browsing your entries and they're all lovely and i think you're extremely considerate enough to state whether the places you've tried are halal or not eventhough you definitely don't have to.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but it shouldn't be an excuse for anybody to be ignorant and mean.

    Don't let that person get you down and definitely keep blogging ^^

  12. to anonymous:
    Sorry man... I have no idea what a pekida is. And you are using so much Malay slang that I completely cannot understand what you are saying.
    (Can someone please help me interpret? I am really curious)

    to Intan:
    Awww... thanks. :)
    I'll try my best to keep up the blogging. But lately, work and personal problems are getting in the way.


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