Friday, September 10, 2010

Blog Birthday #5! :)

5 years already?

- 769 total blog posts...
(Hmmmm, a lot of them - especially in 2005 & 2006 - were kinda nonsensical, but I guess they still count?...)

- 321 number of food/ restautant reviews...
(Probably all adds up to 1 million calories but they were, mostly, worth it...)

- Almost 1.2 MILLION page visits!...
(Well, actually it's only about 490k unique hits/ visitors, bit still WAH. Thank you, thank you....)

- [???] of new friends made...
(*HUGS* You know who you are, dahlings...)

- Worked my rank up to No. 737,724 on Alexa.
(OOh look at me - I'm in the top 1 MILLION websites in the world.... So class horr? LOL)

Once again, thanks, everyone! *MUAKS*

It's been so much fun blogging, but it would not have been the same without you. :)
(And to those who have been kind enough to compliment my blog before in person - sorry if I seemed aloof... Actually, it's just that I'm strangely kinda shy about it and generally, in some sort of disbelief that people can actually like my blog...)

On a (slightly) separate note:
Any kind souls want to start sending me cash donations? - I just realised that I've been spending about about RM400/ month for food** over the last 5 years.
(That's approximately RM 24,000 spent. OMG - HOW IT ALL ADDS UP!!!)
(** ONLY for the restaurant reviews, not even including my daily food expenses, etc... )

And lastly, *er-hem* here's some "fan-service", for lack of a better word:
J the Chocoholic rocking her little black dress....

Not an exhibitionist, really!,

To my friends in Malaysia (and all over the world) - Selamat Hari Raya! :)
Hope you are having a fun and delicious celebration, surrounded by your loved ones...

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  1. congrats!! must go check my alexa rating too haha..

  2. Happy 5th Birthday!!!! and you soooooo.....Sexy.....oooooooo in that black leather!!!!!!

  3. happy blog-anniversary! :)
    keep it up~

  4. happy blog birthday! a 5-year-old blog is probably like a 30-year-old human, rite? still young-ish, but mature and experienced enough to have been around the block and back :D
    and i'm glad our blogs enabled us to meet. even though it's been only on two or three occasions so far ... more in the future, hopefully!

  5. Happy 5th birthday, J! Glad that I've met you last year. Here's wishing you long blogging years ahead that's filled with everything sweet, like chocolate. :) so hot the last pic! :)

  6. Happy 5th!! Now whatever will you eat and drink to celebrate this coming-of-age?!

  7. congrats! wah.. nice leather.. smoking hawt! LOL

  8. Happy blog birthday!! Big pat on the back for maintaining the blog for so long.

  9. aw, congrats !
    love that black dress. work it *snap snap

  10. Congrats and happy anniversary! I doubt I've hit a mil!! You look hot babe!

  11. Happy 5th anniversary =) and why are you hiding your face? LOL

  12. to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    Well, I'm sure your rating waaaaay above mine.
    (Not that's its a competition. :P)

    Thanks Joe! :)

    to Anonymous:
    Haha.. Thanks...
    I usually wouldnt wear tt sort of dress but I tried it on for fun and it was like "Wah. Have to buy it!"

    to ai wei:
    Thanks :)
    I'll try my very best....

    to Sean:
    So me and my blog's theoretical age are about in line? Cool. :)

    Yeah, isn't it great how our blogs somehow helped us meet? - hopefully we can meet again soon! Maybe we can do lunch sometime soon.
    (How time flies! Just realised its been so long since the last time...)

    to Tummy Rumble:
    Thanks... :) :) :)

    to HairyBerry:
    Thanks Mr Hairy Berry!
    Yeah, but hopefully I don't indulge in toooo many sweet things till the dress doesn't fit in the right way anymore. lol.

    to minchow:
    Gonna pig out in Melb! :)
    (I won't be happy unless I gain at least 5 pounds! lol)
    (Hey, let's go minum minum when I get back, k?)

    to Ciki:
    Yeah, so HAWT right??
    (Thanks babe... *hugs*)

    to boo_licious:
    Awww, thanks Boo.
    That really means a lot coming from you.. :)

    to chaokar:
    *BLUE STEEL* ;)
    (Thanks Ryonn!)

    to babe_kl:
    Stats are just numbers. The most important thing is the fun and the friendship, right? :)
    Thanks, Babe. *hugs*

    to junkit:
    I SHY! :P
    (Lol. Thanks JunKit....)

  13. Wow babe!
    5 yrs! LOL. Way to go. Happy blog birthday & OMG ..whn r we goin Zouk / Rootz /anywhr! in tht dress??

  14. to nomadGourmand:
    Haha... I think I need some time to lose my holiday weight before trying to put tt dress back on! Gimme a month after I get back to KL, ok? :)


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