Thursday, September 23, 2010


I need a hero....

I bought a new 8GB Panasonic SD memory card just before going on my holiday.

Over the course of 9 days, I took almost 900 photos - mostly of food, but some of which were happy, smiley photos with old friends*.
(* People from high school / university days which I had not seen in YEARS)

So, what's my problem?:
1) The SD Card corrupted.
2) I cannot find the receipt for the purchase of this SD Card.
3) Six hundred photos are missing.

** Disaster. Tried using a data retrieval software that my friend sent to me.... Maybe I am not using it correctly?, but it looks like most of the data is completely corrupted - it's all gibberish.
Help, please. Thanks....

Does anyone know any IT gurus*** who can retrieve and fix corrupted data, like how they do in the movies?

1) Free service because he/she is wonderful and kind (*hopeful*).
2) An affordable price tag.
(*** If you are such a person and would like to volunteer your services, even better)

I know I won't die without these photos....
... but well, it's a part of my memories/ life that I'd really really like to get back.

Needs help,

- Thanks to Li Lian for pointing out the data retrival software - at least I was able to at least save the 300 photos from the corrupted card.
- Thanks to UnkaLeong for suggesting one option - if all else fails I will go there to get help, but looking at the gibberish left in the card, I suspect the affordable basic retrival will not be enough.

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  1. OUch! I feel your pain! OK drinks on me tomorrow!

  2. I feel your pain. Wish I could help but I'm hopeless with such things. :-(

  3. I know how it feels... my thumb drive corrupted shortly I loaded all my Penang trip photos (last year) into it...

  4. Sorry to hear that babe! Take it easy OK? Plenty of opps to take thousands more!!

  5. hope it works out, super ouch! im sure theres some program out there that will work!

  6. Oh dear, i really hope u can retrieve yr photos!

  7. OMG!! I will b tearing my hair out!
    I hope hope hope tht u can retrieve everything!! dont give up. go on looking..hv u tried askin lightyorichi?

  8. to all:
    I think it's almost completely dead -> according to helpful photo shop guy who tried to fix it with his pro software.


    No answer why though... :(
    Just dunno whether I can afford the price tag of an all out pro trying to fix it - heard it can cost > RM1000.

  9. awwww so sad to hear this :(

    we were a bit kiasu, we travel with the macbook, then download into it. after that backup into external hdd :p we did this at the end of the day when we travels.

  10. to babe_kl
    I think I should do that next time too! :(
    ... but I need to buy a netbook/ macbook first...

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