Thursday, February 17, 2011


Not quite back into the regular flow of things....

I know I said I would start updating "properly" this week but between work and personal stuff (some of which morphed into corny, cryptic poem type posts) - I've had a lot on my mind.

It's gotten bad enough that it managed to whittle my usual love/ lust for food down to about zero **....
(** Not much appetite except for *er-hem* CERTAIN beverages, feeling REALLY lazy to go out to eat, food just tastes kinda bleh and writing/ stringing words together seems unnaturally hard and also, possibly unfair to the restaurants)

Hope you can be patient with me. I'll try to snap out of it soon - it's just that the wave of emo is upon me... and I can't seem to stop it right now.


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  1. hoping that whatever is wrong will take a turn for the better really, really soon! i'm sure everyone who's reading this post is wishing the same for you and sending out positive thoughts! hopefully that will help a bit...
    and when your appetite returns, i'll be standing in line to go out for a good meal with you! i've owed you one for months already! =)

  2. Hey sweetie, your posts have not been their usual sunny ones. Really hope that everything's OK! All bad will pass! Hey if you need company for them lovely beverages, you know who to call! ;-)

  3. Why so emolah? Nothing a pint of the Black Stuff can't cure ;) Hang in there. I'll wait patiently for your next post.

  4. to Sean:
    Mmmm. Me too. :(

    Some of the problems I can't do anything about *feeling helpless*, but the rest I have to work on...

    Thanks for the kind words and good vibes.
    *BIG HUGS*

    to chuletz:
    Awww.... thanks.

    to minchow and Unkaleong:
    The problem is that I prefer to drink at home. Which apparently is borderline alcoholism?

    Yeah, maybe we should all meet up outside somewhere instead so that I am not labelled as an alcoholic.

  5. Hello Dearie?

    Why the gloom and doom? Nothing a hot cuppa will not get rid of, I hope. Cheer up...

    Hope it rains rainbows and sunshine and everything nice wherever you are.

  6. Do take care of yourself! :( Maybe a cup of hot chocolate?

  7. to Paranoid Android:
    Thanks dear Android. *hugs*
    Appreciate the kind wishes, and I'll try my best to snap out of it quickly.

    to Michelle Chin:
    I'll try that tonight. Well, either that or a nice ice cold pint of Guinness.

    Anyway, thanks. And I hope you have a great week ahead.

  8. Oh no! The blog can wait, work on getting better soon. Big hugs. Know that we'll be there for you.

  9. to Lyrical Lemongrass:
    Thanks dear. :)
    *BIG hugs back*
    (You're too sweet)


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