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Restoren Orchard View Yong Tau Foo @ Ampang Baru

Simple, comforting food on a moody day...

Is it a bit morbid to start off a food post talking about death?
(Hope you don't mind)

My (paternal) grandparents passed away when I was still young (10, I think?). Sadly, my recollections of them are hazy (save for a few vivid memories of when they saved me from the wrath of my mother's rotan lashings for whatever it was she thought I did wrong at the time).

Anyway, every year, around Cheng Beng (Ancestors Day?) we make the trip down to the Nirwana Memorial Park in Semenyih to pay our respects, and on the way back we'll have either dim sum or Yong Tau Foo (YTF) for lunch.

This year, the choice was to go for YTF at the pretty established Orchard View in the Ampang Baru area:
Outside Orchard View....

It's a case of YTF vs YTF showdown here, with this restaurant located right next to another established YTF restaurant (Restoren Foong Foong). My mum prefers Orchard View because it also serves loads of other dishes, so we went there instead.

It's just a simple coffeeshop setting inside, nothing fancy but it's comfortable enough:
Inside the restaurant....

The friendly waitress told us that their salt baked chicken and paper wrapped chicken are really popular but we decided to try the Assam Fish (RM 7 per fish):
Sour spicy fish....

... and the Too Car Or Chor (Pig Trotter Black Vinegar) (RM 15):
Pork legs....

Hmmmm, looking back: I guess we were feeling like sour food that day? :)

I felt that the fish was slightly overcooked, but otherwise the sour and spicy sauce was very appetising, and would have gone great with some rice.
(You can order some rice separately, but I didn't feel like having a heavy lunch)

The pork was also pretty yummy with its fairly tender meat and wobbly fatty bits. The sauce may be a bit too sour for some though, but my mum and dad really liked it.
(They even ta pau-ed some for later)

They have all the usual YTF selection**, all priced at a reasonable RM 0.90 per piece:
(** White tofu, Brown tofu, brinjal, ladies fingers, chillis, bittergourd, fishballs, sui kow, fuu chok, etc)
Here's our YTF selection....

Some more fried YTF....

Overall, the YTF were all nice enough - tender texture, a decent size for the price (unlike the sometimes tiny and more expensive YTF in the main PJ/ KL area). While it was relatively mild in flavor, I really appreciated that I did NOT have an MSG attack later.

I could not resist ordering the Fu Chook Yee Mai (Barley with Beancurd Sheets) (RM 2.50 per bowl) that the waitress said was freshly made that morning:
(Even though I was already very full)
Simple dessert....

This is a simple but it hit all the right spots - slightly creamy texture (from the dissolved beancurd sheets, I think) mixed with the aroma of the barley and the moist pieces of gingko made for a very comforting end to the meal.
(Bonus is that it is not too sweet!)

So, it's: Simple coffeeshop setting, serves Yong Tau Foo + fairly wide variety of other side dishes, friendly service BUT nothing really bad except that it's a bit far away for me.....

Summary Information:
Restoren Orchard View Yong Tau Foo @ Ampang Baru, Selangor

Opening Hours: 8am till 5pm daily (Closed on alternate Wednesdays)
Phone: +603-4291 7808
Address: 621, Jalan Merdeka, Ampang Baru, 68000 Selangor
(Note: They used to be in another location and moved here a few years ago)

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  1. I've been to ampang homeland and foong foong but not orchard view! Will give this place a try soon!

  2. i like YTF too (my favorites are the brinjal & lady's finger ones in your pics), but many of these outlets don't seem to open for dinner. kinda similar to dim sum and bak kut teh, huh. many chinese seem to 'pantang' to eat YTF, dim sum & BKT for dinner (which is probably why i haven't managed to have any YTF or BKT so far this year!) :D

  3. to Michelle Chin:
    Ooh, cool. You've pretty much tried them all then. So you can do a Who's the Best Ampang YTF post! :)

    to Sean:
    Haha... True. Hmmm, or maybe we just havent looked hard enough yet? There must be some place serving YTF for dinner.
    (If you want BKT for dinner then go to Jalan Ipoh!)

  4. You can try Fatty Mok in Taman Salak Selatan.

    They are open for dinner. :)

  5. to ulric:
    Ooh, cool! Thanks for the tip.
    Now I know where to go when I feel like YTF for dinner... :)

  6. No try the satay n taufu bakar stalls...they are quite good also... :)

  7. to Ulric:
    Thanks again. :)
    (Yay! I like taufu bakar.......)

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