Saturday, May 21, 2011

End of the world?

So far I'm having the best n worst n overall, most memorable holiday moments in New York so far. :)

Miss you all (yes, you, n you n you n you *hugs*) and kinda look forward to
coming home already.


Ps/ so enjoying the food here tho! :D
(om nom nom nom nom)
(oh n hopefully the world doesn't end tomorrow
as predicted by some dooms day theorists)

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  1. i hope i will have a blast at ny too. :(

  2. Keep enjoying the best of it (and forget about the worst bits), and have a safe journey home when you do. *hugs*

  3. well if the world *does* end tomorrow at least you're in the middle of a holiday!

  4. To michelle:
    I'm sure you will! The food here is yummy... And the shopping is good too. Don't miss out on going to Woodsbury Commons. :)

    To Kenny:
    *hugs* I'll try my best :)
    Really looking forward to our nasi lemak session when I get back!

    To timing:
    haha. True!


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