Friday, May 06, 2011

Whisk Espresso Bar and Bake Shop @ Empire Shopping Gallery

Not so new cafe inside Empire Shopping Gallery :) ....

Work keeps me busier than I'd like...

.. so sometimes its nice to take a short break, to enjoy some coffee and some sweet nothings (or well, desserts will do too):
Small location, in Empire, next to GNC and near the supermarket....

The dining area inside was a little on the small side (cramped, even) but it had a nice charm to it, cosy and homely... I just wished the wooden stools were a bit more comfortable:
Small little black and white tiles remind me of an old restaurant....

They have an interesting range of coffees there, but the Dark Chocolate Latte (RM12) immediately caught my eye:
Smooth, creamy, chocolatey coffee....

I am glad I chose that - it had a nice balance of coffee complemented by a creamy chocolate taste that was not too sweet. The texture of the coffee was also really nice - medium thickness and smooth.
(Would definitely order this again)

I couldn't resist the cheerful coloured Macaroons (RM18 for 10 pieces, or RM2 per piece) which came in a variety of interesting flavours like Peanut Butter, Lychee, Passion Fruit as well as classic ones like Chocolate and Vanilla:
Bite sized macaroons....

We excitedly chose a few different flavours and dug in....
... and it turns out to be just "ok" to me.

The texture was decent (lightly crisp on the outside, with a layer of moist cream inside), but it was too sweet for my tastebuds. Also, I know that macarons are hard to make but they just weren't as "pretty" as I would have liked, with its slightly dimpled exterior and unsymmetrical shape.
(I really miss the macarons I ate in Paris! :( *wail*)

Their cakes are pretty famous/ popular (especially the Red Velvet and Hummingbird) so probably I'll try that the next time I drop by here for a coffee fix. :)

So it's: Casual cosy ambience, friendly service, fair range of savoury and sweet baked goods, yummy coffee BUT can be hard to find a table inside (limited seating)......

Summary Information:
Whisk @ Empire Shopping Gallery

Opening Hours: 10am till 10pm daily
Phone: +603-5022 2060
Address: LG 03A, Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan 16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya

Map: (Below)



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  1. U shud also try their Cookies n Cream milkshake...fantastic...*slurps* :D

  2. ya, looking at the interior only, one might imagine this could even be in a colonial-era building in dang wangi or jalan tuanku abdul rahman! (thankfully it's air-conditioned though, heheh)

  3. The interior looks like those old skool kopi cha po!

  4. oh that coffee looks captivating, i'm a coffee addict..hahahahha~ now i'm gonna get myself some coffee..huuu~ nite2..

  5. To ulric:
    Oooh. That sounds delish! Will try that next round.
    (thanks for the tip)

    To Sean:
    haha.. Yeah, the airconditioning makes all the difference in this frightfully hot weather we have :)

    To Michelle:
    I know, right? I like the old feel too but overall it's much more comfy than an old kopi chai po, I guess :)

    To aeshcame:
    Lovely. Glad to meet another coffee addict :)
    U should try the one at Whisk n see if it meets ur standards?

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