Friday, October 21, 2011

A Cup of Calm and Comfort :)

Simple to prepare and delicious - what more could you want from your daily cuppa? :)....

I don't usually get free stuff through my blog (or more like, almost never - first of all, I'm a bit of a worry wart about whether it's appropriate and well, I'm just not that famous :P)...

When the kind and passionate people from Auresso contacted me through Twitter, I just couldn't resist - I love coffee! AND they said they had a really good chocolate drink that I could try too.
(So, if you hadn't guessed already, I didn't pay for any of this)

They sent me a package of goodies very shortly after we talked, and I brought it over to my (fellow coffee addict) friend's house.

- Their Passion, Pride & Joy... Coffee:
An exotic, single origin coffee....

First, we tried the Brazil - Single Origin (Price from RM 46).
Mmmmm... The coffee was interestingly complex without being overpowering - had a nice sweet note at the start, almost like berries, medium acidity and overall, not too bitter.
Just add in the ground beans into the plunger, with hot water. Easy peasy :)....

We tried it prepared through the Bodum plunger and also as an espresso (My friend Alvin is a self taught barista - IMHO, he's gotten very good at it through the years!).
2 long blacks, ready for consumption....

Either way, it was delicious, but I much preferred it as an espresso - a much more intense flavour this way, perfect for a coffee lover like me. :D
Beautiful espressos - energy providing sips of intense, delicious coffee....

- Lovely Teas Too:
If coffee isn't really your thing though, you can try out their range of really interesting teas.
Choices, choices - Granny's Garden, Japanese Sencha, Punjabi Chai, Green Tea Sunshine or Lemongrass & Ginger?....

They had sent the Tea Sampler (RM 24) so I had 5 flavours to choose from. I liked the Green Tea Sunshine most - nice balance of the freshness and slight bitter taste of Green Tea balanced by the delicate sweetness of fruits (mainly pineapple).
For a moment of calm in a hectic day....

- Recipe for Happiness:
I was really looking forward to trying out Kokolicious (RM 65), their signature Hot Chocolate drink... and it was so easy to prepare too!
An award winning :)....

Just 2 table spoonfuls, hot water and milk (optional) - yummy... Smooth texture (no yucky powder-y aftertaste), creamy and rich without being sickening, and chocolatey without being too sweet.
Happiness in a cup :)....

The best thing is that it's so wonderfully pure - African Red cocoa, processed in France, blended with pure Australian cane sugar - all natural ingredients with no added filters, starch, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
(Also GMO Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free and Exploitation Free. Wah. Any more and it'll be a some kind of superhero :P)

- Some background on Auresso:
Auresso is the sole distributor of Rubra Coffee and Tea in Malaysia, roasted by Award winning artisan roaster Allan McMurray of Rubra located in Western Australia

The beans are 100% Arabica and are freshly roasted and delivered from the Rubra roasting house in Australia - Auresso aims to have a new shipment every 1 to 2 weeks to ensure only the freshest is offered.
(For more info, please refer to their FAQ)

How to Order - 4 Simple Steps:
1) Go to their website, :P
2) Choose as many of the products as you like,:)
(So nice - you can even specify for them to grind the beans, for your convenience)
3) Fill out your details (shipping address, etc),
4) Pay either through an online transfer or cash deposit machine to their Maybank account.

Done! :)
You will receive a confirmation email and tracking number, and the products will be shipped to you via courier.

Unfortunately they currently only deliver within Malaysia.... but let's see - maybe they'll expand their coverage someday? :)
(For the love of coffee!)

Thanks for the kind, passionate people at Auresso for sharing their delicious coffee, tea and drinking chocolate with me. :D
(And also a BIG thanks to Alvin for being my personal barista, and to Diana for allowing me the services of your husband. *lol*)

Contact Details

Auresso - Fine Coffee Artisans

Phone: 016-208 1259/ 016-331 2971
Official Website: CLICK HERE

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  1. The Kokolicious sounds chocolicious :P

    Really interested in their teas...especially Punjabi Chai...thanx 4 d heads up :D

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  3. a good cuppa is great for weather like now :)

  4. Your point is valueble for me. Thanks!

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  5. to ulric:
    No probs - it's my pleasure to share on yummy food and drinks. Hope you enjoy it! :)

    to Lim:
    Cool. I'll check it out. Thanks :)

    to ai wei:
    Yarr! Perfect for rainy evenings :)

  6. Thanks for your reply. You might interested to check at our facebook fan pages |

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  8. The Brazilian single origin blend is an outstanding roast. it comes from one of the best Coffee growers in South America, Daterra, known for their innovation in packaging and keeping beans fresh. If I am not mistaken these are the same beans that RAW use in KL as well as iLLy from Italia. In my opinion, The Rubra roast of these beans is my favourite. Highly recommended for espresso lovers!

  9. to Ciki: it was! The perfect cure after a bad day :)

    to Emma: Hope u enjoy it :)

    to nigel: wow sounds like u really know a lot about coffee :) I just know how to drink it. :D

  10. Dear J,

    Thank you very much for your review on our products!

    For a limited time, we are offering a 15g Punjabi Chai or 15g Green Tea Sunshine with a 30g Kokolicious for you to try for free.

    All you have to pay is for a small delivery charge for orders below RM100. Strictly one order per customer.


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