Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New York, New York (Part 1)

Photo heavy post on my NYC trip....

The USA is such a wondrously complex place, don't you think so? - full of history/ innovations, crass/ class, and (among many other things) scandals.

I suppose this is kinda old news already but while I was there, wandering around Wall Street (being a tourist *lol*), I noticed a crowd of people that seemed kinda random and out of place:
Why so many people on the sidewalk? Hmmmm....

I went closer, out of curiousity, and read the little proclamation written on a page torn out a notepad and pasted on a lamp post:
"Waiting 4 Dominique Strauss Kahn"

(If you haven't already heard of this news, you can check out the Wiki here... but basically it involves the Ex IMF head allegedly behaving badly onto a hotel Chambermaid)

What a circus of onlookers (like me *grin*), police, and camping reporters - a scene very much like what you see on TV/movies but very alien to the general Malaysian public.
Camping reporters and all their equipment....

Oh, and there was even a very spirited protester, surprisingly, VERY strongly proclaiming that she believed Monsieur Strauss is completely innocent.
(I don't know him personally but) I know he is innocent!....

Anyway, after satisfying our curiousity, we quickly went away from and stepped into the calm sanctuary of a small but elegant church just steps away from the maddening crowd - the Trinity Church:
Dwarfed by the skyscrapers around it....

Inside, it was small but cosy, in a fairly standard gothic style:
Nice stained glass windows....

I found the small touches in the details really nice - like this saint reaching out to the crowds from the main door:

So: It was scandal, and redemption - just a normal day in Wall Street, I guess?.....

Still sorting through her 1287 photos from Washington/Philly/Atlantic City/New York,

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  1. you know what? i've never been to wall street despite being in new york for one whole week!

  2. to Michelle Chin:
    Too many things to do/see/eat in NYC - I think even 2 months is not enough to see all of it (and the more outskirt areas, off Manhattan) properly... :(

  3. where are the photos of the cute stockbrokers in suits?! :D

  4. to Sean:
    That's in my private collection. LOL.
    (No lah. I did notice some hotties around NYC - perhaps bcos of all top modelling agencies in town? - but didn't manage to get any photos of them)

  5. Like Sean, bring on the meaty pictures! LOL I'm sure you have your every own collection....but share!.

    Anyway, just want to inform you that I'm back to blogging again and I've recently migrated over to http://alilfatmonkey.com. Please do update your RSS or blogroll. thanks!

  6. is that all.. u call this a post?! LOL :P

  7. to qwazymonkey:
    Woot! Dot com! Let's celebrate :)
    (Updated my blogroll already)

    to Ciki girl:
    It's a not a very long one... but still counts, right? :P


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