Friday, December 16, 2011

My Bad


Hi there...

I'm not sure if you noticed the very erratic pace of blog updates (with many long lapses in between posts)...

... but yeah, I've been busy.
(Basically, my day job is really beginning to take over my life...)

- One of my many late night dinners at home over the last few weeks: Tom yam instant mihun soup with a side of uncomplicated red wine (in a coffee mug).... Sophisticated? Nah. Comforting after a long day? YES.
Food for the soul....

While I can't say that I haven't eaten out at all (there is a big backlog of posts building up), I haven't been quite energetic/ disciplined enough to blog properly.
(I admit: A few times, I had free time but I was so tired, curling up into a ball and sleeping seemed like a much better option rather than turning on the computer to blog)

Anyway, just so you know: I am alive. :)
(Will try to get back to updating properly as soon as I can)


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  1. here's wishing you a minimal-work, maximum-rejuvenation christmas season, ya! :D

  2. Take care and try to find a little time for yourself. I wish you happy holidays!

  3. Poor gal.. don't work too hard.. and happy holidays!!

  4. Gets to all of us. Hang in there! Seasons Greetings and here's to a bigger,better and greater 2012!

  5. Yea...I know how it feels like...

    Hundreds of photos waiting to be posted to FB but too tired n no will to do so :(

  6. Joy to you, love to you, everything good to you this season. Have a blessed Christmas J!

  7. to Michelle Chin:
    Thanks :)
    You too.....
    (Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have an awesome New Year)

    to Sean:
    Hee hee hee... Thanks... :)
    So far there's still been quite a lot of work (*wail) but thankfully less than usual...

    Hope you will have a great New Year! *hugs*

    to Bangsar-bAbE:
    Trying my best! :)

  8. to Monica Home:
    Thanks... Hope you have a very happy holidays too :)

    to Ciki:
    Muaks. I don't want to... but what to do? :)

    to Unkaleong:
    Hope you are feeling better! Take care of yourself....

  9. to ulric:
    Sigh... What to do, right? We have to put our day jobs first.... :)
    (If not, how to pay all the bills?)

    to babe_kl:
    Awwwww... thanks. Hope you, Captn Hook and Boi Boi will be blessed with happiness and good health in 2012. :)

    to Julian Si:
    Thanks! You too :)


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