Friday, December 02, 2011

I Won?

Delayed reaction :)....

So I won an award last week and all I did was write my favourite nasi lemak place (Village Park, Damansara Uptown)...

It's hazy, but I vaguely remember the initial announcement going completely over my head as I stood with the other shortlisted bloggers on the KLPAC stage, then finally hearing it, looking like a deer in headlights then doing a really embarassingly undignified jump-jump-jump on the stage as it started setting in that I won.
J - The proud new owner of a TOKL plaque....

If I had to try to sum it up, I am: Happy, shocked, gleeful, nervous, flattered, flustered, proud, unsure.
(This is the first time I've ever really won anything like this)

Thanks a million to:
- TOKL (Nazeen especially) for coming up with this interesting new category (Bloggers' Choice) in their annual Food Awards,
- everyone who voted for me, whether they liked my post(?) or just love Village Park as much as I do.
- my best friend and my dad, for (saying that they were) voting for me when I was starting to freak out about how I didn't mind losing but didn't want to lose so badly lah shy ma,
- everyone who has been reading my blog all these years (thanks for your support!), AND
- Village Park! For consistently serving up my favourite nasi lemak all these years!

Still stunned and really hoping this doesn't sound gloat-y in any way,

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  1. seriously wanted to try village park until i was barred from spicy delights.


  2. congrats J! I'm glad my vote made a difference..hahaha

  3. Congrats again J! I've been a long-time fan, award-winning nasi lemak post or otherwise! Don't you go and stop now! :-D

  4. salam tahniah, J! what a great experience to add into your memory bank for 2011! :D p.s. this reminded me that i've actually never eaten village park's nasi lemak before. terrible, rite :D

  5. Congrats JQ! I love the nasi lemak here too ;)

  6. to michelle chin:
    Oh no! Why not? It's not that spicy...

    to drops of contentment:
    Awww thanks. I guess every vote counts? :)

  7. to minchow:
    I won't! Ima gonna be eating nasi lemak for the resta mah life! :) Thanks babe :)

    to Sean:
    What?? U. Me. Nasi lemak at village park. ASAP.

  8. to iamthewitch:
    Yay! *High five!* :)

  9. Thoroughly deserved lar. *hugs*

  10. Haha .... I will drag you to go along next round. Still a fav of mine, but damn crowded on wkends lah ...

  11. BRAVO! So well deserved :-) Great job, J!!

    Cheers from the desert ...

  12. to UnkaLeong:
    Awwww. You r too kind.. Thanks. :) *hugs back*

    to J2kfm:
    Yay! Anytime! :)
    (But yeah, hate the crowds there)

    to Julian Si:
    Awwww. Shucks. :) Thanks Mr Si...

  13. Congratz !!!! way to go girl !

  14. to Pureglutton:
    Awwww... thanks :) :) :)

    to chuletz:
    Thanks :) :) *Hugs*
    Let's celebrate with some more macaroons!

  15. So when are we going to sample this nasi lemak together?

  16. joaquim!! kudos on your tokl win!! super delighted for you... and yes village park is my fave nasi lemak too :) brilliant job..!


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