Thursday, February 23, 2012

Entree Cafe @ Damansara Jaya (Uptown), PJ

A new(-ish) cute little fusion cafe in the Uptown area :) ....

Sometimes** I am guilty of letting too much time pass.... and miss out on important things like catching up with treasured old friends (and also updating my blog. Sigh)....
(** Getting to be too often, actually)

I don't think it's just me though - everyone is busy one thing or another (whether work, dating, kids, family, etc) so the lapses can really drag on.

I have known Z since high school (OMG, so long ago I am so old *wail*) and after many months, we finally got an overlapping free time slot in our schedules, and met up in nearby Damansara Uptown... We hadn't meant to end up in Entree Cafe (which is fairly new, I think), but it looked interesting as we were walking past:

Just outside Entree....

I liked the ambience inside - simple yet comfy, with its casual setting and small quirky touches like the chalk drawings on the walls:

Cosy :)....

I tried the Lemongrass Tea (cold) (RM 3.80+) - It was very refreshing with a light sweetness and nice fragrance that was not overpowering:

My drink....

I felt like something soupy, so I chose the Tom Yam Seafood Mihun (RM 13.80+) from their a la carte menu - It was a little sweet, spicy but only slightly sour. Overall, not bad but probably not my fave tom yam in town:

Mixed seafood tom yam mihun....

My friend opted for the Set Lunch, which comes with a choice from a variety of mains, and a free drink - he chose the 46th Street Rangoon Laksa (RM 9.80+). I took a bite and wished I had ordered this too.

It was a lovely, hearty dish with a thick broth - a great balance of earthy, sweet and slightly spicy (with a nice sour zing too, if you add the lime).
(My kind of comfort food. Yummy!)

Unusual but delicious laksa....

We didn't try any desserts that day but scanning the menu, there were many interesting fusion dishes that caught my eye - looking forward to go back there soon.
(Pricing is pretty decent too)

So, a new discovery with friendly service + good food + nice ambience all added up to make our nice catch up session even better that day.

So it's: Nice casual but quirky ambience, friendly service, good range of Western, Asian and fusion dishes at decent prices BUT nothing bad really, just that they are quite empty on weekends - don't take this as a bad sign :) The food is pretty good..

Restaurant ReviewSummary Sheet:

Entree Cafe @ Damansara Jaya (Uptown), PJ

33 Jalan SS 21/56B, Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya
(Near The Ship)

Taste: 7
Ambience : 7
Service : 7
Price** : RM 30+ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks

Telephone No.: 03-7732 8540
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm



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  1. Hi J,
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

  2. i'm also as guilty as you are about not meeting up with folks. and time just keeps slipping away, rite. soon we'll all be, gasp, 40 and old! sobbbbsss :D

  3. Ugh. Sometimes, I just feel too lazy to meet up with anyone!

  4. Ack, I know what you mean about letting too much time pass. I've been pleading guilty to not spending enough time with friends and family, and reading, ever since work has said hello. You're not alone!

    On to the food - I am having a big urge to give that Rangoon laksa a try! Entree is always so empty when we pass by, though.

  5. very affordable! hmmmm... now to find the place

  6. to Sean:
    Oh noessssss. How do we stop/ reverse time? I havent even fully recovered from hitting 30 yet, so I dunno how I will be able to keep sane when I hit 40!

    to Michelle Chin:
    Lazy gurl... :P
    (Hee hee hee... but I can definitely relate to how you feel)

    to Wendy:
    We were a bit wary too (about the emptiness of the restaurant) but thankfully the food turned out to be pretty good, especially for the price. :)

    to Ciki:
    It's just a few shops away (before) The Ship in Untown...


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