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Les Deux Garcons @ Telawi, Bangsar Baru

A tale of a Girl and her quest for delicious cakes....

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a Girl who suddenly thought to get some extra goodies for her dear mum's birthday.

AS SHE DROVE PAST BANGSAR, she thought "Ah ha! There's that fancy new French bakery place that everyone's been blogging about." and quickly made a detour.

THERE SHE WAS, (illegally! *blush*) parked in front of Les Deux Garcons (which she thought "Strange. Shouldn't it be LE Deux Garcons? Not that my French is that great, but Les is for females right?")

- A deliciously creamy berry cake with an added interesting hint of rose fragrance, Le Demoiselle (RM 13):
A delight for lovers of berry flavours....

ANYWAY, SHE RACED INTO THE SMALL SHOP, thinking "Yay, looks like I'm just in time!" and was told (very firmly) "We are not opened yet" as the Chef continued piping chocolate yumminess onto some of the cakes on display.

SHE LOOKED AROUND, stunned, sheepish - There was no sign "Closed" (or "Open" actually, no sign at all) on the door, so how was she to know?....

SHE QUICKLY MADE UP HER MIND, that this didn't matter - the most important thing was to stick to her mission to get the best possible cakes for her mum so she quietly apologised and waited outside the shop for the remaining 10 minutes.
(The Girl felt a little like a chastened child, being asked to wait outside the class for doing something wrong which she didn't know was wrong)

- A chocolate cake, Le Marquis (RM 13) and an Eclaire (RM 10)...
(Both were really nice with the quality ingredients evident from the texture and taste.. although I do wish the Eclair didn't burst out cream on my fingers so easily when I bit into it...)

The Chocolate Eclair (foreground) and Le Marquis (background)....

"WE ARE OPEN NOW....", summoned the friendly waitress, "And sorry, our chef doesn't like to be disturbed", she added, softly.

THE GIRL WENT INTO THE SHOP, and quickly chose this and that from the tantalising display cabinet, then raced on home, having survived a visit to the famed new bakery, oh no, sorry, patisserie....

A SHORT DRIVE HOME LATER in her beat up (but much loved) jalopy, The Girl presented the delectable looking treats to her mother... and the happiness on her mother's face was more than enough to make up for the interesting experience (and rather hefty price tag)...
(The cakes taste good! Yummy....)

- Their famed Truffle Macaron (RM 9)..., beautiful to look at, crisp outer layer, moist filling and with a very strong truffle fragrance which you will either love of hate...
(I think I still prefer the "normal" dessert flavours... It was interesting to try this though)

It's either love it or hate it, I think....

So it's: Small but good range of delicious French cakes and pastries made from quality ingredients, both classic flavours and interesting twists BUT there's only 2 tables for "dine in" (open air, on the sidewalk outside) and prices are not exactly affordable......


Les Deux Garcons @ Telawi, Bangsar Baru KL

36, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
(It's just opposite/ perpendicular to Cziplee)

Telephone No.: 03-2284 7833
Opening Hours: 12noon to 8pm

Official website (with online purchase available): Click HERE



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Michelle Chin said...

nice story. hehe. the pastries here remind me of the stuff i've had in melbourne. except this is much cheaper. :D

CUMI & CIKI said...

wah! this week is seriously all about the two boys hor;)

boo_licious said...

Hee hee..poor thing for going through all that but most importantly is your mum approved of the cakes.

Paranoid Android said...

LOL! You are such a sweet girl. The Pastry Chef must be Ben. He is a cool guy... 4 of us just pigged out there (again) yesterday and had their truffle macarons and tart. It is consistently impeccable.

JoinMe said...

Hi J
Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

missyblurkit said...

oh yummeh! and i supposed its for a good reason that the chef is not to be disturbed and does not like to be disturbed either.

Anonymous said...


J said...

to :

to Michelle Chin:
Glad u enjoyed my Once Upon a Time Story. Its based on a true story u know. lol :)

to Ciki:
Haha... Well, they deserve all the good publicity - their pastries n cakes r YUMMY.

to boo_licious:
Haha.. It was definitely a very interesting experience. :)
(And yup! I was so happy that my mum loved the cakes.. except the truffle macaron - didn't let her take a bite of it, that was all mine!)

to Paranoid Android:
I'm sure he is! Have been loving his desserts since from the days Cafe Cafe just opened... :)
(Darn. U r SO tempting me to go back for another round of decadence soon)

to JoinMe:

to missy blurkit:
Oh I definitely admire anyone with that kind of passion (and talent!)... Just that I wish he would either lock the door if he's not open yet or put a sign on the door at least.

to anonymous:
Hi back!!!!lol

Jaslyn said...

le is for masculine subjects, la for feminine and les for plural both feminine and masculine ;)

cheap jersey said...

I am apreciating it very much.I have never read such a lovely article and I am coming back tomorrow to continue reading.

Cecilia said...

Sadly, they’re getting arrogant, they’ll handle praises but not complaints. People should check the below screenshots out to see how they dealt with customer on FB:-

J said...

to Jaslyn:
Sorry for the late reply - oh ok. I got mixed up I guess. :)
(Not that French is the easiest language in the world to learn anyway)

J said...

to Cecelia:
Ah the newest Social Media snafu. I do wonder if it'll blow over? Their cakes do taste nice after all, so it's not entirely ada gaya tiada mutu :)
(but *sigh* why la they so PMS all the time?)

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