Monday, August 06, 2012

Going South

Hi y'all. I'm taking a 5 minute escape from work to say hi. *waves* For those of you who don't know,.. well... I've moved to Singapore (for work)... I didn't really tell many people - first of all, it all happened so fast that I kinda lost track of who I told and who I didn't... and secondly - I've never been good at goodbyes. :(
Work has worsened (mostly, especially when it comes to work/life balance) but I'm alive... and it's interesting I guess, this new adventure :) In other news: My external hard disk CRASHED, so I lost all the photos of food I had yet to blog about. (I guess this means I really am starting off on a clean slate *SIGH*) Anyway. I gotta get back to work. (Wish me luck!) Hugs, J PS/ I am much more active on Instagram now actually - so, if you want to have a look at the random and erratic food photos I take on a day to day basis, do look for me there (Username: J_CHOCOHOLIC)... TAGS: , , , , ,


  1. Welcome to SG and enjoy your stay! :) ... lots of new food places to enjoy and blog about here too!

  2. hope you won't be gone TOO long (or at least not permanently). KL needs you, KL wants you :D

  3. to timing:
    Ooh you are in Sg too? Cool!
    (Man, I'm so out of touch - haven't even had time to go around and read your blog (or anyone else's) for so long now)
    And thanks.......

    to Sean:
    Awwww thanks.
    *hugs* That's nice to know. :)
    (And I hope so too! Still so homesick)

  4. J,

    We miss you so much already !!!
    All the very best in Singapore. Hub and I will be making our way there sometime in Oct. :)

  5. what are you working there as? :D

    haha.. what made you decide to go there ? :)

  6. Alamak !
    No wonder we losted you ,
    for a long while !
    Singapore is great so you will be fine

  7. cheer up, J! Malaysia still loves and misses you :D

  8. i used to feel so bored about SG, thats when I travel to SG every month..and now I dun get to do so, I have started to miss SG so much...

    btw I am afraid to lost all my beautiful picture too so I always burn into dvd as another backup copies BUT now my laptop burner is spoil...thinking to change my 6years old laptop...

  9. to chuletz:
    Miss u all too :) *hugs* Hope u r having fun diving this weekend! (yay please come visit! Tell me details so I make sure I am her)

    to jop yer:
    Still in finance- my company decided to transfer me

    to badboyz:
    Haha. Yeah I was drowning in work then I moved countries n now still drowning in work

  10. to tJ:
    *HUGS* miss u all too

    to Unkaleong:
    I def want to :(

    to cindy:
    Better to get a new one then! It is so painful to lose photos :(

  11. Aww now we have one more friend in SG to look up if we're there! We expect a lot of postings on good SG food now ok?? So we'll know exactly where to head to when we go. =P


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