Thursday, March 14, 2013

Magical Marlin :)

*sings* Hello. Is it me you're looking for? ....

Update: Still stuck on this little red dot.

You know what people usually say about Singaporean food being so much worse than Malaysian food?

*clears throat*

For the record, IMHO, that's NOT true at all.
(I swear I have not been brainwashed after these few months here *LOL*)

To be fair, as with any other country, if you don't know where to look, you will end up assaulting your taste buds with substandard food that are entirely not worth the calories (wasted!)... and since the street food is much healthier in SG (less oil, salt, msg, etc) of course there isn't that extra ooomph.

BUT what I've found is that the restaurant food here is generally a lot better - particularly, more consistent in quality, although it can come with a price... (OUCH)

For example, here (pic above) is my current favourite from a little Japanese restaurant in the Chjimes/ City Hall area: Marlin tataki with Ponzu sauce...
(Seasonal pricing, I think I paid about $5++ per slice? Will double check next round)
(Anyway, although it doesn't seem like it's that expensive, it adds up - I think my friends and I blew almost $170 per person that night on food and sake)

It was my first time trying something as exotic (to me) as marlin... and its hard for me to describe it (I'm getting rusty!), but I'll try:
The fish was wonderfully tender and sweet inside, yet with a strangely(?) firm bite, accentuated by the citrusy yet salty (umami) sauce.
(Super yummy - can't wait till I go back for more)

Ok so this wasn't a real post/ restaurant review *blush*.... More like just a sign of life, I guess...

Really miss blogging properly - I really have to get back to it soon. Till then...

J the chocoholic

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NyonyaChef said...

Hi Lionel you are back! Hope you are well, and continue to share your food journey n S'pore. Cheers J !

Ciki said...

no, singaporean hawker is worse than KL's. But Singapore fine dining is better.
I am being fair! haha :P

Sycookies said...

Usually, the taste is very much localized. So most would have adapted to the local flavor. Street food is always the best way to discover culture in a country.

J said...

to Nyonya Chef:
Long time no see! :) I'm ok la. Hope you are well too.

to Ciki:
Lol, that is largely true. They also use much less MSG here so that may be a reason why (partly).

to Sycookies:
The street food here is same same but different... They have grilled stingray, satay, orr chien etc.... But yeah most of them not the same level of "oomph" as Malaysia :)

chuletz said...

J !!!

so happy to see your post. :) Keep writing. Miss you !

J said...

to chuletz:
Miss you all so much too :(

UnkaLeong said...

*waves* Ditto Ciki's comment ;)

J said...

to Unkaleong:
Well come visit me in Singapore n I'll take u for my favourite murtabak! :) Its good. Then can go drink some really yummeh Teh Halia around the corner from there

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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