Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Office Zombie

Good golly gee. (Almost) One week already!

I thought I'd be able to update as per my usual schedule but I can't believe how busy I've been since I got back from holiday.
Well anyway, just so you know: I am still very much alive and kicking. Just not updating my blog very much at all - SORRY!


PS/ To be fair: It's not like my boss has been cruel and has locked me to my cubicle with endless mountains of stuff to do thrown into my in-tray periodically - Well, not more than the usual anyway. Haha - but I guess I've had a lot on my mind lately (on life, career and love). Nothing exciting so I shan't bore you with the details lah. :) I do hope you're all doing wonderfully well though. *HUUUGS*

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B said...

less chit chat, more hugs

J said...

to b:
SO greedy! Haha...

globalglamour said...

Hey, I'm sorta new to the whole blogging business thing and was wandering if u guyz could check it out for me: it's all about fashion, make-up and bitches! My life in the south-east asia!
Plz comment...I'll be waiting!

J said...

to globalglamour:
Erm... bitches?
(I do wonder whether you mean the 2 legged or the 4 legged type...)
Anyway, will check out your blog soon. But if it's anything (particularly) offensive then I may not return.

Julian Si said...

Hey, been checking up for updates on your blog ... Hope ya OK! :-)

J said...

to julian si:
It's a horrible excuse but I've just been so busy/lazy/sick these few weeks....
(Now just recovering from a bad flu)

Julian Si said...

Glad u are back :-) Nice blog on Teapot Cafe!

J said...

to julian si:
(Good to be back! It's great to recover my apetite and taste buds from those darn flu germs... Haha... )

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