Saturday, April 26, 2008

J Has No Common Sense

Some movies should come with warning labels......

Good thing:
Making a long overdue plan to go to the gym after work, and actually sticking with it.
(YAY for me!)

Bad thing:
Watching the movie P.S. I Love You at home (alone) and crying my eyes out like a silly little girl because I realize that I'll never find any man who will love me that much, let alone a caring, kind, intelligent AND good looking (in this case, Irish) man.
(Stupid, stupid, STUPID)

So angry at myself - I should have known better than to watch that movie, especially at this time.
I suppose I grossly overestimated my emotional strength?

Anyway, here's a WARNING to all single girls out there who have still not fully recovered from their last heartbreak: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT watch P.S. I Love You unless:
1) you enjoy inflicting pain on yourself,
2) you are an unbelievably positive thinking person who will instead absorb the saccharine sweet corniness of this movie and take it as a sign that one day you will also find that true love for yourself, OR
3) you really are THAT strong willed.

You have been warned!
(Choose to heed it or not? Up to you dearies…)

Curses unrealistic Hollywood standards,

(July 08)

My friends are just HILARIOUS.
*amused smile*

My recently married friends watched P.S. I Love You recently, and you know what they told me their first thoughts were (when it reached a really sad part and they both starting crying)??

Well, apparently they looked at each other, and said "OMG. *sniffle sob sob* Poor J!!! I can't believe she watched this alone.... "



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  1. J I saw the perfect movie for you. it is called Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and it is hilarious. plusssssssssss it's about breaking up, and the things they go threw. I fully think that you'll like this movie.

    hey, going to the gym? way to go J. good stuff.

    p.s. "warning label" for the movie, may make you laugh and or cry.

  2. to b:
    Laugh AND/OR cry? - Which one is it, B??
    (Hey, don't make me cry lah, ok?)

    Anyway, thanks for the recommendation. Will watch it and see what happens.

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    Next time, we ought to go watch an ass-kicking action movie together! Or if you like, another romcom, and I pledge to be as snarky as possible. :P

  5. to firdaus:
    (Will pop by one day to see how spammy/ non-spammy it turns out to be)

    to ninashah:
    Thanks Nina.....
    *HUUUUUGS back*
    Ok. And if it's a romcom, I promise I shall try my darndest not to burst into tears and babble incoherently.

  6. saw no traces of the emoness at dinner last night though??

    and you say i am two different persons between my blog and in person :P

    you're a strong woman, girl! (abit of an oxymoron innit? heheh) well, u know what i mean =)

    anyway...if u need to talk and want someone to listen, u know how to reach me hugs*

    in the mean kuching....and beyond!!!!!!

  7. to jo-lyn:
    Muahaha - I have fooled you with my deceitful facade!
    Fear the dupilicity of J!

    Well, I think you didn't see any emoness because I was so stoned from the muscle pain (from the gym)... but anyway, *hugs back* RIGHT-O! - to Kuching!
    (Sarawak Laksa and Kolok Mee awaits us........)

  8. Aw girl...everything will be fine!

    We single gals can stand on our own two feet and tell the guys, it's their losses for not knowing what they lost in their lives!!!!!

    Next time you want to watch a sappy movie and not cry alone, call me. I'm like just the down the road woman!!!!

  9. to Lyn:
    Aww... *hugs*... thanks!

    But shy lerr. You will see me with my puffy red eyes, tears and snot all aflow!

    No. You're right. It's their loss.
    (But I hope we can all find our perfect guys soon, even though we know we can survive on our own)

  10. I read the book and I cried bucket! Am reading another book by the same author - Rosie Dunne or where rainbows meet. Story telling in email and notes writing. Interesting read. Havent cry so far. Enjoy your weekend in Kuching!

  11. to anonymous:
    Hmmmmm.... I think Ill just avoid that book just in case though....
    (Am afraid I'll end up blubbering again)
    And thanks!
    I'm just hoping that I don't end up gaining too much weight from all the pigging out.

  12. J is nice girl... lyn needs to understand man don't like too strong girls.... at least pretend a bit weak so that your man can HUGGGGGG you...... know?... Man is MAN mah!

  13. to anonymous:
    Well, I don't like to have to try to be so strong all the time but until I find a nice man to share my troubles with, I have to be able to take care of myself, right?

  14. Don't know whether to laugh or to cry ... I just watched :-)


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