Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Photos, Just Lotsa Appreciation :)

I was a bad (food)blogger and did not take any photos that day, but just wanted to say:
THANKS MR FAT BOY (hee hee)! You're the best! :)

Seriously, one could not ask for a better, more generous host. :) :)

It was really nice for you to have extended the invitation, so that I can finally come out of hiding and meet everyone. I really had a lot of fun and am definitely looking forward to the next round.
(Sorry I left so early - my bad! I will know better than to set any appointments anytime within 10 hours of the next party....)

To all the other beautiful people at the party:
Was great finally meeting all of you. You are all such darlings! - so warm, and wonderfully accepting of this newcomer....
... although I must say, it was pretty intimidating to be surrounded by so many great chefs, bakers and food connoisseurs...
(Especially Mr Cordon Bleu)
(Shy lerrr. I only know how to eat. Am hopeless at actually cooking anything)

I think I probably consumed about 20,000 calories of food (yummy crispy siu yoke, pie, lamb, duck, cake(s)).. washed down with another 20,000 calories worth of white wine and single malt whiskey but it was well worth it. :)


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  1. hehe.. so cute! and that single foto of you looks nice.. dont wori.. u left b4 i cld snap one wiv u:(

  2. to CUMI & CIKI:Sorry I had to dash off... :(
    (I was already running late at the time)
    ... anyway, there's always next time, right? :)
    (And thanks, babe! You looked great in all your photos btw)

  3. where got 20k calories with single malt?? its meant to burnt off some calories ok...(me being in self-denial mode, how could i have eaten so much too!?)

  4. to "Joe" who is constantly craving:However many calories it actually was - it was definately a very sinful (but so very DELICIOUS) lunch, don't you think so?


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