Monday, September 07, 2009

Bella Italia @ Palma Condo, Mont Kiara

Another "hidden" restaurant in a Mont Kiara Condo....

(Oct 2009)

Sorry, it's closed! But another cafe has taken over this location already. If you want to, have a look at my review of the new cafe HERE.
(It's pretty good!)


Disclaimer: OMG. Sorry but I lost the receipt agaiiiin.... :( :( So, no exact prices but I remember I ate there for < RM30 for my main+appetizer.

Anyway, have come across another hidden restaurant in a Mont Kiara condo:
The quaint restaurant by the pool side...

Located at the poolside of the Palma Condominium (specifically, it's near the ground level pool - ask the guards, because apparently this condo has 2 pools), it is simple yet scenic... I do worry though that the open air setting could get uncomfortably warm in the day time:
The covered, but open air seating...

The Mushroom soup was normal - creamy and fairly tasty... but it also tasted a little like canned soup:
The mushroom soup...

Calamari was also ok - crunchy and tender (but tasted suspiciously processed):
The Fried Calamari Set...

As for the mains, we tried the Grilled Lamb Chops:
The grilled lamb chops...

Just ok. Sauce was pretty nice (sort of a sweet-ish black pepper sauce) but the lamb could have been a bit more tender.

Also, we tasted the Chicken & Mushroom Risotto that night:

Honestly, it was like chinese Mun Fann (steamed rice bowl?) pretending to be a risotto. First of all, it wasn't short grain rice, and it tasted like it rice fried with cream sauce because the grains of rice were dry inside.

Still, I guess it's good carb-y comfort food for those who like rice.
(My friend Jo liked it, although she agreed its definitely not really risotto)

Well, I can't say that the food is authentic or extraordinary, but let's put it this way: The prices are very decent for Italian food in Mont Kiara.... :)

So it's: Simple setting by the poolside, with a fair selection of Italian dishes at reasonable prices BUT can be warm (it's open air with no air conditioning) and not much in terms of desserts.

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Bella Italia @ Palma Condo, Mont Kiara
(the condo next to the Mont Kiara Coffee Bean/ just a bit down the road from Plaza Mont Kiara)

Taste: 5
Ambience : 5
Service : 5
Price** : RM 35++ per person
Parking: OK* ***(It's free but limited inside the condo - and do not park for >6 hours or you will get charged RM10)

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
*** It's free but limited inside the condo - and do not park for >6 hours or you will get charged RM10

Telephone No.: 03-2096 1116
Opening Hours: 11.30am - 9pm (Closed on Mondays)




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  1. a review full of suspicion.... that's a first! hahaha :P

  2. wonder whether they're related to the bella italias at ss2, subang...
    there's actually another restaurant opening later this month at palma ... that one sounds more promising, though i don't have the details...

  3. yeah.. are they related to the one in ss2???
    So the guard actually let you drove in and park??? or u parked by the roadside?

  4. to j:
    I'm not trying to be mean... Didn't you think it tasted like canned soup too? ...

    to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Haha... It didn't taste that bad.. Just didn't taste like risotto either. :)

    to Sean:
    Yup, I think it is a branch of the SS2/ Subang Bella Italia (that's what was stated on the menu)...
    (... but strange, I remember the SS2 branch being nicer than this.. (

    Oh cool - new restaurant! When's it opening? :)

    to thule a.k.a leo:
    Yup I think they're related to the one in SS2 (.. it was written on their menu).

    And I had no problems parking inside - just had to tell the guards that I was going to the restaurant, and register for a guest pass... :)

  5. they're closing this place down, as my friend is taking over the cafe here from 9 September onwards. Think you may want to update the blog.

  6. to boo_licious:
    Talk about strange coincidences / timing!

    Thanks for the info, Boo. :)
    Will go check out your friend's place soon. Am curious...

  7. war.. rated 5 only ar.. so many othr plcs to go hor?

  8. Wow..Seems like they are clearing the food before the closure.

  9. to Cumi & Ciki:
    Well, the food wasn't exactly bad... but it was completely average so "5" loh. :(

    to Apple Foodees:
    Haha.. Well, I wouldn't say that - it wasn't that the food wasnt fresh - just that it wasn't very authentically Italian. :)

  10. Mun Fann pretending to be a risotto?? LOL! But hor...I like my rice banjir-ed, so I guess I wouldn't mind the "risotto"... =P

  11. to Bangsar-Babe:
    Mmmm... but that's the thing, it wasn't moist/ banjir-ed enough - it was sort of fluffy and but more to dry, like a munn fann....

    ermmm... horrible explanation, I know - does it make sense to you? :)

  12. and here i was about to say.. hang on, i didn't go there.. lol

    you're supposed to post the new one.. :P when you come back i guess..


    *not reading the rest of the site deliberately + conveniently forgetting*

  13. to soojc:
    Aiyoh. So impatient... :P

    Anyway, am back, and have updated on the new cafe at Palma oredi:
    The Cafe @ Palma Condo, Mont Kiara, KL

  14. Too disappointed to hear that Bella Italia is closed, hopefully the replacement is just as good.


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