Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Notice Of Hiatus

*J does happy dance*
\o\ \o/ /o/

After many months of anticipation, it's finally come to the time for my long holiday.... So, I will not be updating from Wednesday, 16th of September (today!) till Monday, 5th of October...
(I probably won't be replying any comments too)

Where am I going? :)
I will be on a whirlwind trip through Paris(croissants!) -Rome(pizza!) -London(fish&chips!).

I'll try to find some (affordable) way to access the internet while I'm away, but no promises.


No, please don't be jelez in any way - I am so, so, SO very broke because of this trip but it's just something I decided I have to do this year (since I've been dreaming about it long enough).

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UnkaLeong said...

Have a good trip J! Looking forward to your over-da-seas postings!

NyonyaChef said...

Finally you did it ! Happy holidays and eat more ! Cheers !

thule a.k.a leo said...

have fun there la.. bon voyage!!!

J said...

to UnkaLeong:
Thanks... :)
I'll definately be coming home with tonnes of photos anyway, bcos no money to buy things/ etc! Haha...

to NyonyaChef:
Hopefully the trip will turn out well too, if not my dreams will come crashing down. :)
Anyway, thanks! I'll save room for your assam laksa when I come back though. :P

to thule a.k.a leo:
Thanks Leo! :) :)

backStreetGluttons said...

We'll see you at the Eiffel Tower , same time , take good care and dun simply kiss 100 Frenchmen ok !
cheers !

J said...

to backStreetGluttons:
I won't! :P
(Aiyo. What type of girl do you think I am?... Haha... )

(Yay! I'm in the airport now. Boarding soon!)

550ml jar of faith @minchow said...

Sorry, I jelez from the "long holiday" onwards. Pls help feed the Hulk in me with stories about all yr adventures, so I have enough gumption to take my wayyy overdue long holiday! Happy Holidays!!

qwazymonkey said...

Enjoy. I'll still be envious!

fatboybakes said...


boo_licious said...

Hve loads of fun J! Am sure it will be all worth it.

CUMI & CIKI said...

happy hols!

J said...

to 550ml jar of faith: Haha... Well, I'll try Miss Hulk. But really, dont be too jealous of this broke girl. I think I will cry when I see my credit card bill...

to qwazymonkey: Don't be lahhh... :P
(Thanks for the well wishes...)

to FBB: Didn't you just come back from a holiday??
(On another note: BOOOHOOO - I missed your party?? Saw the photos on Facebook)

to boo_licious: Thanks Boo! :)

to Cumi & Ciki: Thanks babe... :) Lets do lunch when I get back k? Already starting to crave nasi lemak... Haha....

Anonymous said...

I wish you health and happiness every day!
Ich wunsche Ihnen Gluck und Gesundheit jeden Tag!
Je vous souhaite sante et bonheur chaque jour!


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