Friday, September 04, 2009

Siem Reap

Desktop holiday for you: Asian Edition - happy days travelling with friends in beautiful Siem Reap (Part 1)....

My own bit of sunshine (in the plane, on the way to Siem Reap).....
Happiness is: being on a plane, on the way to a holiday (aka. Flying away from work).....

My first breakfast in Siem Reap - soupy pork noodles & really wonderful iced coffee (At the Soup Dragon Cafe). The noodles were just ok, but the coffee *Drooool* - it was so good!:
Tasted like Chinese style pork noodles.....

J whispers, "I miss yooouuuu....".....

The main Siem Reap town area:
So colourful, and dusty too!.....

First stop: Angkor Thom entrance!
Some of the stone guardians protecting the gate.....

Big ancient "highway" :) .....

Next: Our first temple visit, Bayon temple:
A small looking but beautiful temple.....

Many decapitated statues (defaced/ stolen during the war).....

Comparing feet :).....

Beautifully detailed carvings adorn the walls.....

Hordes of tourists in the temple area.....

The famous smiling faces of Bayon (Hmmm, I wonder what they're thinking about?).....

Lunch time! Local Cambodian food, washed down with an ice cold local beer - BLISS!
Hot day + ICE COLD beer = happy J.....

Having a bite of local Amok - sort of like green curry - yum!.....

We were given a free dessert that was so so yummy - like a thin layer of mochi paste wrapped around a small chunk of slightly melted palm sugar, with a sprinkling of young coconut shaving (I guess it's a bit like onde-onde but somehow much more refreshing).....

I think I'll stop here for now - I'm afraid I'm overdosing you with photos.. :)
(I took so many photos in this trip - Siem Reap is so beautiful!)


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  1. you didn't showcase the pineapple wine (?) ah?

    can't remember if u said it was good or not....

  2. OOoh, that's ALOT of tourist. I'm there were much less people the last time I was there a few years back. Eeck!

  3. I was just back from Siem Reap too! Did you went to Phluk Village?

  4. i like the USD 1 then USD 0.50 cents beer by the jug along that famous row of shops in the square! Good food cheap beer, plenty of sunshine for a tan and loads of walk.. fantastic! (this was one of my best southeastasia hols i tell ya!)

  5. planned to go there before Jenn was pregnant.. but she got pregnant out of the blue so my plan has been postponed until I-don't-know-when

  6. to j:
    It was only ok (and couldn't taste any pineapple)... I prefer the beer! :)

    to allie:
    Oh cool. I went in Feb (so this post is super delayed actually *blush*)... but didn't go to the Phluk Village. Sounds like fun tho! :)

    to CUMI & Ciki:
    That too, definately!
    (Yay for cheap beer+sunshine+awesome scenary!)

    to thule a.k.a leo:
    See lah. All because you 2 never "plan" properly... Tsk tsk.
    (*lol* Sorry man, just teasing - hey, wait till your baby is enough then bring her along! Or get your parents to babysit her for a few days)

  7. to QwazyMonkey:
    Yeah... wait till I post up my photo from the temple sunset! There were swarms of tourists - SWARMS, I tells ya!

  8. Hey so ! Please show more photos lah, I've never been there, still in the process of thinking whether to xplore this place.

  9. to nyonyachef:
    I'll try to do so quickly. It's been difficult trying to go through the hundreds of photos I took!
    (Can't post them all up, right?)

    to anonymous:
    Spam? :(

  10. Hi J,

    Ended up here while searching for info on some restaurants. Anyway, just wanted to & interesting blog :)


  11. to cc:
    Hi there. Thanks for the compliment. :) :)
    (Appreciate it)


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