Friday, February 05, 2010

Double Jeopardy

I don't particularly like this time of year....

It just occurred to me today:
- On Valentine's Day 2010, I will be single....
- And because it'll also be the first day of CNY 2010, I'll be surrounded by a small horde of well meaning relatives, who will ask about and loudly lament the fact that I am still not yet married to a nice man and am completely behind schedule on popping out the requisite 2 (or more) kids.

Oh yay.

I've actually reached a point where I'm pretty happy being single, and I know they only ask because they care, but aiyoh, sometimes cannot tahan lah.

Especially my parents.
Yes, yes. I know they love me and I love them too.... but my brain almost broke when my mum asked why I don't try out the MCA Cupid Club.


Trying to prepare herself mentally,

* Hmmmmm,.... I wonder what it means when it's come to a point that your mum thinks you should try out a single's club formed by a political party?

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  1. Try my tried and true response, when asked, "Where's your girlfriend/boyfriend?" Reply : Which One? *LOL*

  2. I think it's pretty normal for the relatives to pop out this question..
    Last time when I was single, "when are you getting married ah?" question will pop out.
    When I date someone and introduce her to them.. will be bombarded with "When are you getting married ah?"
    When I got married, "When are you planning to have a child" is a common question.
    Now that I have a child... I hear this not only from my relatives but also from my friends "So... when are you expecting the second one?"

    LOL... it's happy being single, but it's also nice to have someone who take care and pamper you too :) take your time ok? No rush... sometimes Mr. Right is just nearby so observe carefully

  3. Relax. :-) Unka's suggestion is pretty good. hehe. The best thing to do, though, is be dignified and ignore them coz you know that you're having a fabulous life, and that's all that matters.

  4. Oh yes, which is why I start drinking at 10AM on days when the rellies are coming over. I find that I am a much better and more tolerant conversationalist once I've had a couple glasses of wine down!

  5. Yikes...I usually stay in the room and sleep/drink till I sleep so I have minimal contact with my nosy aunties. When the question pops up during meal times, I just go, "Wah...the soup so nice. Who cook one?" ;)

  6. to UnkaLeong:
    Haha.. Cheeky Unka!
    Hmmmm. Should I try your advice or will that earn me a scolding from my mum? Let's see how things go. :)

    to thule a.k.a Leo:
    OMG - You mean it will never end??
    Well, thanks for the warning, and the kind advice. I do hope that I can find "happily ever after" too but I think its very challenging to find nowadays!

    to Lyrical Lemongrass:
    Word! *snap of fabulousity*
    I'll try to keep my cool. :)
    But maybe will apply some liquid courage too, just in case. Haha...

    to minchow and Bangsar-bAbE:
    Great advice, babes! :)
    I'll try a bit of both - booze up and minimise f2f contact as much as humanly possible.
    (Wish me luck!)

  7. aww, poor babe! just go on holiday! but if its any consolation the questions and elbowing never stop. 1st when bf? then when husband? then when kids? then when graduate? then when ur kids gonna have kids.. :P

  8. So the question remains...when are you going to find yourself a nice boy and settle down? What about grandchildrens?

    Sorry, couldn't resist!

  9. LOL. This is funny :)

    Thankfully for me, it's more the Uncles/Aunts that ask the question and not my parents. Which i'm thankful for.

  10. to Ciki girl:
    My mother will never forgive me if I escaped on a holiday over the first week of CNY.
    (Can't say that I am not very tempted to do that though. Haha...)

    to qwazymonkey:
    *GLARE* :P
    Let me consult my crystal ball and get back to you on that. Haha...

    to Will:
    Is not funnnnyyyy (when you have to suffer through it) *POUT*

    (Hey, you are lucky your parents don't bug you... )

  11. Aww... smile & say " I can't decide!" Then followed by *waves hand dimissively*

    Continue w " got 1,but not rich". Atr one Indian. Then the one I like most is married, How???" *looks confused*

    "Aiya, aunty, slowly find better la hor?? Or u think I should ask him to divorce?"

    At tis point, mayb they are horrified enouf to leave u alone.

  12. to thenomadGourmand:
    OMG... *ROFL* Hahaha...

    Am seriously tempted to try those lines but I suspect my parents (esp my mum) will disown me after that. :)


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