Monday, July 25, 2011

New Beer In Town

Beer-y good fun and minums at a recent launch at G Tower....

I met an ex of mine recently when he visited Malaysia... and he exclaimed how he was really surprised I like drinking beer now....

It's not THAT strange for a girl to enjoy a nice, ice cold beer once in a while, is it? ;)
(... Or even more than once in a while)

There was a time when I thought beers tasted horrible,... but that's before I tried some of the really lovely beers available. One interesting new discovery, is the Kronenbourg Blanc, the newly launched "white" beer from the French brand, Kronenbourg 1664.

I got to taste it at the launch party, which was held at the brand spanking new and GORGEOUS View Rooftop Bar of G Tower:
Beauiful view of the KL skyline from the top of The View....

Mmmmmmm. I found the light but evidently fruity taste of the beer really interesting - would love this served ice cold, while I lay down at the side of a beach. :)
The new Kronenburg Blanc (front) and the existing classic Blue Kronenburg (back)....

The artistically painted models at the launch were really interesting too:
Ooh la la....

It's art?....

HUGE thanks and *hugs* to the gorgeous Agent Ciki who allowed me to borrow her photos - my camera doesn't perform very well in low lighting....

Also, thanks to Alex and Gladys from G Tower, who so kindly extended the invite to this event - had a lot of fun. :)

For more info on the hotel/ the office units/ other facilities, do check out their main website: CLICK HERE.

G Tower and Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
199 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur
Hotel Tel: +603 2168 1919
Hotel Fax : +603 2168 1818
Email :

Leasing Tel: +603 2168 1800
Leasing Email:

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  1. I still cannot tolerate beer! :( Or most alcoholic drinks.

  2. heheh, can't say i actually like beer yet, but i'm learning to not dislike it :D

  3. to Michelle Chin:
    Oh... Are you allergic or you just dont like the taste? *curious

    to Sean:
    LOL. Well, that's a good start, I guess. ;)

  4. Yeah, I am also perplexed as to why beer drinking is always associated with men! All beer commercials are featuring happy men enjoying a glass. Women like beer too!

  5. Wow. This body art is definitely something unique. I wonder what people would think if you wanted to take a closer look at the details



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