Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Penang Assam Laksa FTW! :)


Oh, Penang Assam Laksa....
I have loved you all these years, with all my heart, but now, the world has acknowledged your awesome-ness too.
The object of my affection....

Your comforting complex taste - sweet/savoury/sour, spicy, fishy (in the best way possible), accentuated by the fragrance of the bunga kantan (ginger flower?) and mint leaves, with an extra ooomph from the added hae koh (prawn paste), enveloping the slippery smooth strands of noodles - MMMmmmm. Delicious delicious-ness. My perfect comfort food on a rainy day... :D
(Or any day, really)

Why this sudden declaration of love? Well, if you haven't read it already, here's the link to the CNN Go's recently published World's 50 Most Delicious Foods......
(Look out for Entry Number 7)

Luv laksa long time,

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  1. I love assam laksa too. The thing that appeals me the most is its sweet, salty and sour broth!!

  2. when, oh when will my beloved malaccan nyonya curry laksa (with extra cockles) be recognized by the world? :D

  3. Love the ridiculous food fights that inevitably surface between Malaysians and Singaporeans when food lists like this get generated. Food patriots march forward!

  4. to Michelle Chin:
    Yay! *high five* :)

    to Sean:
    Yaarrrr. I'm sad that I don't see any of our lovely lemak-y laksas, Nasi Lemak, CKT, BKT and Sang Har Mein etc etc on the list! :(

    to minchow:
    LOL. Well, we (and most of Asia) are fiercely proud of our national dishes so it's no surprise - I'm just glad to see my fave laksa on the list :)

  5. How can Nasi Lemak not be in the list?!! *rage*

    Hehe. Just had Assam Laksa for lunch... although it's not in Penang. Pretty satisfying in its own way.

  6. to Chong:
    Oooooh. Where did u have the laksa? :) Do share...

  7. Recently found the best assam laksa in KL at Cafe Bonne Grey, Ground Floor, Menara Hap Seng, Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur. Set lunch at RM18 plus drinks. Usually go for Assam Laksa with Mocha would be amazed and satisfied with taste of Assam Laksa!

  8. to Anonymous:
    Interesting - Really wouldnt expect a really good assam laksa in a office building. :)
    (Will check it out if I'm in that part of town. Thanks)

  9. to J:

    Just found out that Bonne Grey is having special promotion at 50% off on Saturday. Perhaps you should go this coming Saturday. You'll never get such a price even at hawker stalls. Must go before the promo ends. Cheers!

  10. to J:

    Just found out that Bonne Grey is having special promotion for 50% off on Saturday. Perhaps you should go this coming Saturday before their promo ends. Must try the assam won't get such a good offer in anywhere else. Cheers!

  11. to Anonymous:
    Oh cool...
    Well, I may not be in town this weekend, but if I am I'll there to try. Thanks for the tip. :)


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