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Buka Puasa @ The Melting Pot Cafe, Concorde Hotel KL

How quickly time flies - Ramadhan/ Bulan Puasa starts next week!...

Do take note that this is an invited review - So, here are my usual disclaimers:
1) I have not been paid to write this, but neither have I paid a cent for my meal,
2) I will still be as objective as possible re. the food/ restaurant, and
3) If I go back to the restaurant incognito and find that the food/service is horribly different from this experience, I will amend my ratings here...

A mother and son team, dishing up traditional Padang food? - how sweet...
Mother and son, Sambasri Harun and Irwan Arifin, posing with their signature dishes....

.... and they are serving up delicious traditional cuisine from their hometown, Pariaman in Padang, Indonesia - with a beautiful blend of fragrant spices accentuated by a mild, pleasing (chilli) heat on the tongue....

- The famous Fat Boy Bakes, with a big bone in hand:
(Look at that gleeful smile!)
FBB with his big Sup Gearbox soto....

- Many famous Padang dishes like Dendeng Paru to whet your appetite:
(It's lungs... usually I'm squeamish about consuming these kinda body parts but in this case, it's yummy!. There is also an array of other Padang classics like daging dendeng bakar, gulai urat lembu, opor ayam, sotong berlado, ikan masak bumbu, udang tusek, sambal lado hijau, keropok belinjau, keropok kulit lembu and much more...)
Eating lungs are good for your lungs, right?....

- Delicious array of curries - here, the fish head curry:
(Went so well with rice)
Curry + rice = YUMS....

- Grilled Lamb. Stuff with Rice. Delish!
(This was one of my favourite dishes that night - especially the rice, which was wonderfully spiced and flavoured by the lamb)
The chefs dish up the lamb....

- A selection of meats and seafood - take your pick and the chefs will grill it for you:
Food prepared a la minute....

- If you don't feel like curry/rice, there are also fresh seafood - Oysters and lightly cooked Prawns:
Many other cuisines to select....

- There is so an array of other cuisine, like Chinese (steamed fish, tofu, dimsum) and Japanese (Tempura prawns, etc):
Choices, choices....

- A variety of Local desserts, including kuih-muih like kuih lapis and comfort food like various pengats:
Tummy warming Malaysian desserts....

- Desserts a la Orang Putih (Western folks) available too!:
(Cakes, macaroons, ice cream and many others....)
My favourite part of every meal....

- It's the Concorde KL after all, so it's a nice setting in the main Melting Pot Cafe dining area:
(Reservations are highly recommended, as it usually gets very packed)
Comfortable although crowded....

- There's also a live band around to entertain you as you dine:
Somehow they managed to make Bieber's Baby song sound interesting....

Price-wise, I think it's pretty reasonable, considering it's a very reputable hotel in the KL area:
- RM 89++ per adult,
- RM 44.50++ per child (4 to 12 years old).
(There is also a 20% discount during the 1st and 4th week of Ramadhan!)

We were also told that they will be changing the menu everyday, to keep things exciting, so you can just keep going back again and again, if you want to. :)

Thanks (and *HUGS*) to the witty Fat Boy Bakes for extending the invite and of course, to the sweet Julini of Concorde for being such a good hostess.

Summary Information:
Buka Puasa @ The Melting Pot Cafe, Concorde Hotel KL
(August 1 to August 29, 2011)
(Reservations highly recommended)

Opening Hours: For the Buka Puasa - 7pm onwards
Phone: 603-2144 2200
Address: 2 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Official Website: Click here


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  1. the rounds of feasting starts!

  2. Looks delish! Which reminds me.. better get cracking on em Ramadan posts :D

  3. animal organs are my favorrrrite! in descending order of offal deliciousness, i'd rank them as follows: liver, brains, blood, tongue, heart, lungs, gizzard, intestines, kidney, tripe (i'm sure i missed several) :D

  4. HiJ,
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks.
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

  5. We used to get kicked out of their high-teas when we frequented them way back when. A whole bunch of voracious teens having a stare down with the uncle manning the hainanese chicken station. He refused to serve us, because he said we came back too fast! ROFL! We kicked up such a fuss that he had to relent. Hehehe...wonder if he's still manning any of the food stations?

    Always had fun at the Concorde's buffets =)

  6. Can't believe it's almost time for the annual Ramadan buka puasa feasts again! Yum yum yum! Can't wait! :D

  7. Ramadan The Holiest Month. I would like to wish a happy fasting festival to all my muslim blogger and readers friends and all family around the world through this comment. thank you for the admin.

  8. selamat berpuasa!
    lagi info tentang puasa di SIHAT SELALU - Puasa Baik Untuk Kesihatan

  9. to Pureglutton:
    Yeah! :) But for me it's dangerous... I haven't been dieting/going gym much at all.

    to Ciki:
    Get to it! There's an expiry date on those posts.... :P

    to Sean:
    More for you then - won't fight u for most of that.... haha..

    to Unka Leong:
    Hungry, growing teenaged boys - definitely the bane of any buffet. lol.
    (U should go back to Concorde to look for that uncle - maybe he will still recognize u n ur friends?)

    to Kenny Mah:
    Hope u've been having an awesome Ramadhan feasting so far :)

    to dquote fatan:
    Hope you are having a wonderful Ramadhan.

    to armouris:
    Erm. Thanks... I guess.


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