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d'italiane kitchen @ Jaya 33, PJ

Yet another choice for Italian food in PJ...

It would seem that Malaysians (or the general KL/PJ population anyway) love Italian food, as there appear to be many eateries serving up the robust food from that part of Europe.

One such place is d'Italiane Kitchen, located in Jaya 33, PJ - It's not new, having been open for a few years now, but I only ventured there recently after a short shopping trip to the conveniently located PJ Digital Mall**.
(** Really like this place as its existence = I don't have to go all the way down to Low Yat to get tech-y stuff)

We weren't as hungry/greedy as usual so we skipped straight to the mains. :)

The Pasta Salmon Alfredo (RM 28.90++) was pretty yummy - Sufficiently creamy, but thankfully not too thick and cloying, with chunky cubes of salmon:
Pasta + Creamy sauce = Decadent meal :)....

I preferred the Pasta River Prawn Arabiatta (RM 29.90++) though, as I like red sauces much better than creamy ones. Also, the prawn was fresh and the bits of rich flavour from the roe really added some extra "Oomph" to this dish:
That's a pretty big prawn!....

The Tiramisu (RM 20.90++) was also nice, taste wise - It was just a tad too sweet though but overall, creamy and chocolatey/coffee-ish enough and an interesting mix of moist, creamy and crunchy:
(The hefty price tag would probably deter me from ordering again though)
(Eeyer. Why are tiramisus in KL getting more and more expensive? *grumble*)
A classic Italian dessert....

So was it mindblowing?

Still, the taste is above average and pricing is decent (considering the amount of stuff that comes with each dish - wah! such a big, meaty prawn!)...
(Definitely wouldn't mind venturing back here to try out some of the other dishes on the menu)

So it's: Simple yet cosy ambience, friendly service, fairly wide range of Italian food for reasonable prices (just slightly more expensive than average) BUT nothing bad really - :).....

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

d'italiane kitchen @ Jaya 33, PJPG-01B
Ground Floor, Jaya 33, No 3 (Lot 33) Jalan Semangat, Section 13, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Taste: 6
Ambience : 6
Service : 7
Price** : RM 55++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-7956 3684
Opening Hours: 1130am till 11pm
Official Website:

(They also have a new outlet in Sunway Giza)



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  2. sang har pasta? sounds brilliant! though i suspect that the chinese sang har meen will still be the one that'll wow our taste buds more, heheh :D

  3. Wow, this place still going strong hor.. it's been years since i ate here.

  4. wei.. no new blogpost ar:p

  5. to Sean:
    It was yummy too, in its own way..but definitely not as decadently yummy as sang har mee.:D

    to Ciki:
    Haha... Sorry boss. Been busy with day job.


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