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Cartoon (A play) @ KLPAC

Be Careful What You Wish For! :)....

Change is good, right?

Especially if you are a motley group of "typical" cartoon characters, ruled under a tyrannical leader?

Well, sometimes it is, and maybe sometimes, it may just lead to all kinds of different problems..
Vivid poster...

I really had no idea what to expect when my friend Nina asked me whether I wanted to go watch Cartoons at KLPAC (which is a successful play, running for the first time outside the USA).

... and when I heard the initial long political-ish monologue after the fun, zany theme song (nice! The cast are so multi talented - can act, sing and dance), I was a bit like =_= <--- I don't like political-ish monologues..

There was very nice pacing and build-up, with creative use of multimedia, and very soon after, I found myself really really enjoying the show. :)
Mr Puppet likes hanging out...

The characters** are all interesting, first in their perfect typical box-ed up "perfection" and even better when the chaos ensues and the cracks and craziness start to show.
(** The Puppet, The Damsel, The Suitor, The Japanese Kawaii Best Friends, The Mischievous One, The Cameo Song Guy, The Dictator and my favourite, The Rock Star - "RAWR". LOL)

Date: August 18 – 27, 2011
Venue: The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
Tickets: Priced from RM 25 to RM 38. Call (+603) 4047 9000 or (+603) 2142 2009 for ticketing.

In short (IMHO):
Definitely worth a watch! - multitalented cast make good of a slightly tweaked, borrowed play from the USA that has a balance of zaniness, laughs and things to make you think. :)

Here are the details of the show:
CARTOON by Steve Yockey:
(Recommended for mature audience aged 18 and above only)

Executive Producer: Dato’ Faridah Merican
Artistic Director: Joe Hasham OAM
Director: Kelvin Wong
Stage Manager: Alvin Looi
Production Manager: Freddy Tan
Costume Design: Cassandra Lim

...klpac and the director that brought you Indicinelive! present CARTOON by Steve Yockey. IT’S A WAR ON TERROR™ IN TOONTOWN! Chaos ensues after mischievous urchin Trouble steals the oversized yellow sledgehammer that bratty, Hitler-esque Esther commands her toonizens with.

Theme songs come to a halt as paranoia and violence follow a zany goose chase, while a band of mismatched cartoon stereotypes find themselves increasingly stuck in an existential rut – will there ever be a way out? Played through a series of TV episodes, CARTOON is a response to the rapid coalescence of media, politics and consumer giants – an in-your-face satire of a forthcoming totalitarian world, if you like.


(In alphabetical order! To be fair....)
- Actors: Amanda Ang, Rashdan Harith, Lorna Hoong, UiHua, Grace Ng, Jabar Laura, Matthew Ong, Freddy Tan, and Alexis Wong.
Venue: KL Peforming Arts Centre (KLPAC)
(Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan (off Jalan Ipoh), 51100 Kuala Lumpur)

Dates: August 18 – 20, 23 – 27 @ 8.30 pm, Matinee on August 21 @ 3.30 pm (No performance on 22 Aug 2010)

Ticket Price:
- RM38, or RM25 (Students & the Disabled)

Buy 4 tickets of any price in one receipt and get 1 free!

RM25 flat for August 23 & 24 @ 8.30 pm

Come dressed-up as your favourite cartoon character on August 21 and get your ticket at only RM25!

Ticket info:
- go to KLPAC, or
- call +603-40479000.
If you want more details, here is the KLPAC official website.

Hope you like it! :)

- Dustyhawk Broken Mirror
- Gorengdotmy
- The Star

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  1. thanks for the linkage mate.

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  2. to Serge Norguard:
    Have fixed the spelling :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the show:)

    Watch out for Malaysian @ pentas 1 klpac, coming in Dec!

  4. to shades:
    Either that, or I'll see you at the gym I guess? :)
    (Was a nice surprise to meet you at KLPAC - really didn't know you had such an artistic side too! Ganbatte!)

  5. J,

    It's not the first... you probably didn't realize that I was in last year's Adam: The Musical, dancing & singing:)

  6. To Shades:
    Oh! Really? I watched that too! But I guess I didn't realize bcos at the time I didn't really know u yet... :)
    (I think that year I was still a little lazy and didn't go for Combat a lot)


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