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G3 @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

One of the newer eateries in the Bangsar Telawi area....


I wondered what it was supposed to mean? Gentle Green Giant? Nah.
Apparently, it stands for Gastronomic 3, to symbolise the 3 owners who all love food. :)

It's one of the newer places in the main Telawi area, located in between the Telawi veteran Alexis, and the unfortunately now defunct Telawi Street Bistro)
Looking at G3 from across the street....

I excitedly headed over there last weekend to meet some of my girl friends for a long overdue catch up...
(I hate how life and work always seem to get in the way nowadays... but I guess that's just how things are - we are all on separate, hectic schedules that it is hard to meet up more often)
Inside the restaurant....

It was comfortable enough inside, simple and fairly casual, with a balance of wooden textures against the start concrete floor...

In a hopefully not futile effort to try to stave off evil oxidants, I started off with a (supposedly) high octane anti-oxidant drink - the blackberry, cranberry and yoghurt juice (RM 12++):
If I drink enough of this, will my skin cells become younger?....

Yummy! :)
There was a nice balance of sweetness from the fruits, balanced against a slight sour tang and smoothness from yoghurt blended in. I really wouldn't mind ordering this again although I find the price a little disgusting - it's not the restaurant's fault though - bloody berries in Malaysia are so expensive because they are not native fruits....
(It tasted best when it was just served though, when it was nice and icy cold)

My gorgeous friend Kristine had the Grande Breakfast (RM 22++), which came with a little bit of everything - (turkey) ham, egg (prepared how you want), grilled tomato, baked beans, hash brown, sauteed mushrooms, (chicken) sausage and topped with a crusty slice of bread and oozey butter:
Chocolatey dessert....

Overall, it was nice except for the sausages which looked a bit shrivelled *lol*.
(I thought the mushrooms were really yummy - chunky and juicy)

I have to say, I much preferred the Tuna Hash (RM 16++) that I ordered though, which came with a grilled tomato, fried egg, bread and some chunky avocado sauce/paste at the side:
A close look at the fishy carby Tuna Hash....

The interesting tweaked hash browns which had bits of tuna mixed in tasted savoury without being too fishy, and tasted with a slather of the avocadoes that came with this.
(Mmmmm, and the bread.... Crusty, yet fairly moist, and not starchy - delicious!)

I really like the sauteed mushrooms, so I order an extra side of it - Sauteed Mushrooms (RM 6++):
Juicy mushrooms....

I really liked that the mushrooms were well balanced - not too salty and cooked just enough that they were moist but still with some bounce to the bite.

My other gorgeous friend Ver had the Fritatta (RM 18++) (photo turned out horrible - sorry) which came topped with some sausages and arugula, which she said was just a bit too oily, but otherwise tasted ok.

There were several other options on the breakfast/brunch menu too - can't say I wouldn't mind checking out this place again, as it turned out to be a decent meal and overall nice venue for a catch up session with the girls on a sunny Sunday morning. :)
(Looking at some other blog posts, like Sean's, it also looks like the lunch/dinner menu is worth checking out too)

Overall: Casual but comfortable new(-ish) restaurant in Bangsar with a fair range of classic and some interesting breakfast/brunch menu BUT nothing much to complain - although prices are a little on the high side, it is Bangsar after all...

Summary Sheet:

G3 @ Telawi 3, Bangsar KL

No 19, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Taste: 6
Ambience : 6
Service : 7
Price** : RM 20++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - breakfast :), excluding drinks

Telephone No.: 03-2282 8019
Opening Hours: 11am to 12am (Weekdays) and 9am to 12am (Weekends)
Parking: Limited


- Eat Drink KL
- Goreng.my
- The Life of Brian

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  1. aww 12rm for a yoghurt drink isnt that bad isit? dont boost juice and coffee sell for that price still?

    the breakfast dishes all look all a tad ordinary, i guess i have been spoilt with the aussie breakfast scene!

  2. i was staring hard at the photo of the grande breakfast, trying to find the (shriveled) sausage. i almost gave up, but then finally saw it peeking out underneath the bread! :D

  3. Hi J,
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on JoinMe.com.my, thanks. ^^
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

  4. to Joe:
    LOL. Here, where we really shine is with stuff like roti canai, I guess?
    (Still,.. it tasted ok... but yeah, prob not as good as the ones in Oz)

    to Sean:
    It's a very shy sausage. :P

    to JoinMe:

  5. i was about to comment on the Missing Sausage too!! I was going to say it must be very shriveled..not shy..hahah

  6. high octane anti oxidant sounds like what i need right now. not too far from home some more:D

  7. Oh I think that if you drink enough much of it your skin wiull look much better:)! And I would not mind have a meal of the juicy mushrooms right now...

    Storage London

  8. to dropsoncontentment:
    Well, my friend didnt want to finish them - she kinda tot they looked/tasted a bit weird...

    to extreme power:
    Thanks :)

    to missyblurkit:
    Hope u like it, when/if u try it...

    to michelle chin
    LOL. What a typo (bcos I copy and pasted that code. Iguess it show how much I think of chocolate?

    to Niki:
    Haha.. I hope so! Perhaps I should be driving more of it though.

  9. Always pass y with curiosity but never stepped in before. Perhaps can give them a try one day.

  10. to babe_kl:
    The lunch and dinner menu looks much more interesting tho, when I look thru Sean's blog :)

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  12. oh the mains are a hit & miss affair. The choc lava is awesome - cos the recipe's the same as the famous TSB one. Or so one of the owners told me whn i was there. The tiramisu fail big time.. but then again my visit was when they newly opened, whc was a good 6 mths ago!

  13. no only you know are.. it's for the names of the three owners?! LOL
    Welcome back to the world of blogging. chissss ! haha

  14. to Rebecca Saw:
    Oooh. LURVE chocolate lava - will check that out and avoid the tiramisu at all costs :D

    to backstreetGluttons:
    When when when? :P

    to Ciki:
    Haha.. Thanks ;)

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