Friday, February 10, 2006

Malaysian TV Ads Don't Suck (That Much)!

It's a Malaysian TV commercial AND it's actually funny?
(shock! horror!)

Could it be?

--> Exhibit 1: Petronas' Bling Bling
--> Exhibit 2: Hotlink

Ok, ok... so Exhibit 2 is not like, THAT great... but it's abso-fricking FANTASTIC as compared to the MAA Assurance TV ads that came out a while ago...
(Anyone remember those atrocities? - the badly CGIed talking fish/ baby/ moon/ etc)

I thanked the gods above and below when they were taken off the air...
However, to my horror, when I was in Penang I discovered that they are still using it on some cable TV channels.
(Hey, to the people who wrote/ produced/ approved/ paid for those ads, just FYI: I have developed SEVERE negative associations with your brand)


Anyway, Exhibit 1, is a great festive commercial done by Petronas for Deepavali....
Petronas usually comes up with great commercials for most of the major religious festivals, like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali, but they are almost always way too saccharine sweet and overly sappy...
... this one however rocks!
(Hope you enjoyed it)

Malaysia Boleh!

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