Friday, February 10, 2006

V-Day Gift Ideas From A Helpful Chocoholic

The perfect gift for your overworked buddies at the office:
1) Abusive Stamps

Erm,... of course it's officially issued by the Company...

What about your demanding girlfriend? Here's an idea:
2) Diamond Ring Paperweight

Wow, tis oh so classy!

Don't forget your parents! Show them your filial love with this:
3) Instant Fancy Title
· A single gift containing one title pack - £30
· A single gift containing two title packs - £55

Status +5

Want something sweet but quirky for your beloved boyfriend with a sweet tooth? Look no further:
4) Gummy Hearts

Mmmm, I bet that tastes good with Fava beans...

Hope this helps!

If not, there's always the age ol' classics of:
a) overpriced roses and fattening chocolates for her, and
b) sexy frilly lingerie for him
(well,.... to be worn by her of course... unless you're feeling kinky, in which case I say: "Hey man, whatever rings your bell...")


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