Friday, October 16, 2009

BKT @ Restoren Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh, SS2, PJ

A piping hot bowl of BKT in SS2 to warm your soul.....

Ok, first of all, let's clarify one thing:
Question: Is this the best BKT in town?
Answer: Definitely not!

... but it is nearby (for us PJ ppl), tastes ok, and has a great variety of side dishes to complement your meal ***

*** Yam rice, chuee keok shuein (vinegar pork leg), assam fish, shuein choi (sour vegetables), harm choi (salty vegetables), otak-otak, etc etc... :)

Now that we are clear on that, let's have a closer look at the restaurant/ food, shall we?:
The exterior of the restaurant..........

This simple restaurant is located just down the road from the Lorong Seratus Tahun place, and has been here for AGES. They have recently (in the last year or 2 anyway) renovated the premises to make it more comfortable, which is great...
(It used to be the classic simple but slightly dingy coffeeshop styled place but now, there is some air-conditioning and the whole area just looks so much fresher)

That day, they had run out of my usual pai kuat :(, so instead I had a serving of yukk kuat (meaty ribs), with white rice:
My food :)..........

As mentioned before, the BKT here is in no way the best in town, with the meat only being moderately tender and the Teo Chew style soup being a bit on the ching (light/ clear) side.
(Some people find it bland vs. the BKT in Klang but as I understand the Klang BKT is Hokkien, which is made to be saltier and thicker VS. the Teo Chew style BKT which is lighter and more herb-y)
(So, maybe it's not really fair to compare the 2...?)

What really keeps me coming back here though (other than the fact that it's only about 10 minutes away from my house) is actually the Salted Vegetables:
The yummy salted vegetables..........

Salty (yet not too salty), sour, spicy and laced with teeny pieces of meat - it's really appetising and completely delicious.
(I think I can have just this, with rice and a bowl of BKT soup, and be 110% satisfied)

I can't remember exactly how much each dish costs (sorry, the receipt is not with me) but I am pretty sure it was less than RM15 (including one drink).

So, it's: Simple and clean coffeeshop setting, OK tasting Teo Chew bak kut teh at decent prices and a great variety of other side dishes BUT nothing much to complain about except that it can be difficult to find parking in the area.... :)

Summary Information:
Restoren Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh @ SS2, PJ

Opening Hours: 7am to 3pm, and 6pm to 10pm. Closed on Mondays (except public holidays)
Phone: -
Address: 26, SS2/66, Petaling Jaya (down the road from the Lorong Seratus Tahun place)


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  1. i like both the Hokkien and Teochew styles, as long as it's pork. haha! yeah, there's something attractive about the stewed salted vegetable. it's the burst of flavours and crunch, me thinks. *hungry now*

  2. Give Fatty Gan a try (opposite Giant Paramount). Ah Sang BKT in SungaiWay also had my vote!

    Now you got me craving for BKT!

  3. in that case, go to Chow Yang SS2 la.. there's a BKT that is quite OK for me... but I kinda forget its name...
    it's located on the same row with Yu Ai and Nasi Kandar Kayu... shouldn't be that hard to find... tell me how it fares ok?

  4. to Nic (KHKL):
    Me too! *tummy grumbles very loudly*

    to UnkaLeong:
    Well, at least that's easy enough to satiate - your latest post has me craving for a beach holiday!! :P

    to thule a.k.a leo:
    I don't think I've tried that one b4. It's not far from my house also - maybe I'll go this weekend. :)
    (Thanks for pointing it out Leo!)


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