Monday, October 19, 2009

La Gueuze @ rue Soufflot, Paris

Second food related post from my trip: Traditional French food and a Mid-day Trance Party nearby? What a combination! :).....

As I wandered away from the Pantheon, I chanced upon this French brasserie (just down the road):
La Gueuze...

It was a beautiful day - sunny but with a nice cool breeze - so I took a seat at one of the tables outside on the sidewalk:
Chilling out, al fresco...

This cosy bar/ restaurant specialises in beers, but I decided on a nice Rose wine (Euro 4.50++) instead to go with my Confit Canard (Euro 17.00++):
My late lunch...

*sigh* Bloody exchange rate! :( :(
Anyway, that aside, I was really pleased with the meal:
- Savoury and tender duck (the meat was practically falling off the bone),
- Salty chunks of fried potatoes, fluffy inside but slightly seared on the outside,
- Washed down with a lightly chilled, medium bodied Rose...

I was actually pretty full after that but it didn't stop me from ordering a Creme brulee (Euro 6.90++):
There's always space for dessert! :D...

The crispy caramelised layer was just a fraction too thick, but for the most part, it tasted gooooooood..... :)
(No complaints)

As I sat there eating/ drinking/ enjoying life, I noticed a horde of young uns just a couple of steps away, crowding around (what seemed to be) a mini disco, DJ booth and all, mounted on top of a 16 wheeler truck - so, I'm guessing that in Paris, they have moving raves at mid day? Interesting!:
Wah, so many people...

I think I can't describe to you well enough,... but believe me: the energy level there was AMAZING.

Great trance music blasting, strobe lights, mist machines, everyone dancing uninhibitedly in broad daylight, people climbing on top of lamp posts, etc... This poor guy probably wasn't having that much fun though (I suspect he had way too much to drink) *lol*:
Clearly a case of liver abuse...

Anyway, I continued to watch the procession of trucks (I counted at least 3) and accompanying horde of kids dance their way down the street from a comfortable distance... choosing to sip on my wine rather than join them on their happy rampage through the streets of Paris: Hmmmm... perhaps I'm getting old? Haha... :)

So, it's: Cosy brasserie just down the road from the Pantheon, decent range of French food and wines, great selection of international beers BUT nothing much to complain except that the bloody exchange rate hurts real BAD (but that's not the restaurant's fault)....

Summary Information:
La Gueuze @ rue Soufflot, Paris

Opening Hours: Open 7 days a week.
Phone: +33 143541259
Address: 19, rue Soufflot, Paris 75005, France


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  1. yeah talking abt exch rates, ur timing was quite bad wasnt? it came dwn by like 20cents rm to an euro..

    sounds like a fab late lunch, duck confit n wine..yumm

  2. When I was in Paris, I always wanted to eat at a brasserie (especially al fresco style) but the rain had ruined my plan. During my short trip in Paris, the rain just kept pouring... *sigh*

  3. Imagine, with lunches and street scenes like that, how can anyone conceivably NOT live a life full of inspiration and energy?? Reminds me of a conversation I had over the weekend - I really need to move out of the country!!

  4. bonjour madam :)
    that's life!!! sitting down the cafe on the street sipping coffee/wine while watching the world around you... aarrgghhhh!! and I am stuck inside the office while reading everyone's trip to Sipadan, Krabi, Europe, etc...

  5. to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Ah well. I don't know how to forecast forex... :( If only I did, then maybe I could make lots and lots of money! :)

    to tarts and pies:
    Oh no.. :( Poor you. :(
    (It's terrible when a holiday is ruined by bad weather but you can't ever control it)

    to 550ml of faith @ minchow:
    Well, nothing's ever set in stone so there's always the chance - where would you go, given the choice? :)

    to thule a.k.a leo:
    I think ít's time for you to take your darling wifey on a second honeymoon! :)

  6. creme bruleeeeeeeee!!!! my faaaavvvouuurrriitee!

  7. i thought you said you didnt eat.. and all you did was walk walk walk? u lied :) mwuahahaha :P

  8. to j:
    I wish you could have been there babe! :)
    (It tasted good........!)

    to CUMI & CIKI:
    LOL. Ye of little faith - How can you call me a liar?

    In 5 days I only ate 5 breakfasts (pretty much just croissant/ equivalent pastry), 2 lunches and 1 dinner. Isn't that considered "not eating (much at all)"? :P :P

  9. French cuisine ! Looks delicious. Did you managed to xplore their food ?

  10. to NyonyaChef:
    Unfortunately, I think I only experienced the tip of the iceberg or less! - 5 days is definitely not enough time... :( and I ate so little there because I was busy rushing around+the food servings were too big (and expensive!).

  11. HI, found your blog while reading masak-masak and was curious as you mentioned about french pastries on her blog. I am living in Paris and like most malaysians, I love foods! It took me a while to get used to the french portion and saltiness of the foods. But, a glass of good wine to go with the fine cuisine worth all the price to pay :))
    You might wanna try "Chez Papa" next time you come to Paris, they serve specialties from south west region of France, eg foie gras, magret de canard, cassoulet, escargots etc.... with red wines from Bordeaux, la vie est belle!

  12. to Nathalie Chong:
    Hi. :) Nice to meet you and for you to drop by. :)

    Thanks for the recommendation - I will definitely check out Chez Papa the next time I'm in Paris... I don't know when that'll be but I'm dreaming about it already! Haha....


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