Friday, October 09, 2009

The Cafe @ Palma Condo, Mont Kiara, KL

A new cafe has taken over Bella Italia in the Mont Kiara Palma condo....

Talk about great timing... Just as my friends and I try out a new (to us) restaurant in the Mont Kiara Palma Condo, we find out from Boo_licious that it's closing down (thanks for the update!).....

Well, the good news is that her friend was taking over and opening a new restaurant immediately after so we quickly went over to the Palma Condo again to try it out.
(Can't resist trying out new places, if you can't already tell):
The cafe, by the pool side...

(Recap: This cafe is located at the poolside of the Palma Condominium, specifically, it's near the ground level pool - ask the guards, because apparently this condo has 2 pools)

The new owners had taken some time to give the place a fresh new look - I liked the lighter colors, which made the whole place seem much more welcoming:
The interior of the cafe...

Looking at the menu, it's not extensive (a mix of local and simple Western dishes) but there were definitely some interesting items, one of which was the Ulam(?) Fried Rice (about RM7):
The yummy Fried Rice...

I LOVE a good plate of fried rice and this one was (thankfully) pretty darn good. Dry yet fluffy rice (perfect grain-y fried rice texture), not too oily, wonderfully fragrant of bunga kantan & kaffir leaves, and laced with some cili padi for that extra kick - I would definitely order this again. :) :)

It is however, a vegetarian option (no meat) although the very friendly restaurant manager told us "Ask, and it shall be given!"...
... meaning that upon request, he can adjust it any way we want (eg. add chicken, but for a price of course)

We also tried out some of the western dishes. First up, the Lamb Chops with Black Pepper Sauce (about RM 16?):
The lamb chops...

Not bad. The lamb was much more tender than I expected (.. it was not like, SUPER tender but was very decent for a non-upper crust restaurant.. ) and the sauce was tasty (although I would have liked it just a tad more pepper-y).

The Roast Chicken (about RM 15?) was recommended as a specialty so we tried it too:
The Roast Chicken...

Also not bad - the serving was a little small but the chicken was tender and well marinated, so it made for a satisfying albeit light meal.

As for desserts, they prepare a fresh batch of home made desserts everyday but that day it was Red Bean Soup which (1. I don't like, 2. the others were too full, so) we didn't try.....

So it's: Cosy setting by the poolside, friendly service, fair selection of local and simple Western dishes at reasonable prices BUT can be warm (it's open air with no air conditioning) and not much in terms of desserts.

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

The Cafe @ Palma Condo, Mont Kiara
(the condo next to the Mont Kiara Coffee Bean/ just a bit down the road from Plaza Mont Kiara)

Taste: 6
Ambience : 6
Service : 7
Price** : RM 25+ per person
Parking: OK***(It's free but limited inside the condo - and do not park for >6 hours or you will get charged RM10)

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
*** It's free but limited inside the condo - and do not park for >6 hours or you will get charged RM10

Telephone No.: 017-2492881
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm (Closed on Mondays, but can be open any time if negotiated for private bookings)




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  1. i always frequent the mont kiara coffee bean..but not sure whether i will take the walk haha..

  2. Ulam fried rice??? Me lub lub fried rice too!! *high 5!*

  3. to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    It's not far! :P
    And then you have a valid reason to park inside so you get to save a couple of Ringgit on parking fees... :)

    to thenomadGourmand:
    Yeah! :) :) *HIGH FIVE*

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  5. por favor? cina? me no understand!

    actually I don't like red bean myself.. :P so it's not just you.. heh


  6. to bfg:
    Me also no understanding Cina, fellow red bean hater.
    (Suspect it's spam though *sigh*...)

  7. To the writer of this blog...we have recently added new stuff to the menu. You are more than welcome to come back again

  8. Dear Chocoholic,

    We now have menu ver.2. You are more than welcome to come by again.

    Our phone number is 017 249 2881. We're open from 10am to 10pm...closed on Mondays. Call us if you'd like to have a private function.

    The Cafe @ Palma

  9. Also...we're on Facebook groups - The Cafe @ Palma. Most updates are pasted there. Come join us there!

  10. to Alternative Helper:
    Thanks for the details - have updated accordingly. :)
    (And will definitely be back for more at your cafe.. I work pretty nearby too so it's really convenient actually)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hey J, we've just changed our menu...come on over!


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