Friday, October 30, 2009

Ka Soh @ Damansara Heights, KL

Established restaurant in the Medan Damansara area serving up wholesome fish head noodles...

Yet another lost receipt... I am so sorry - this seems to be happening a bit too often. Will persevere to change. :(
(Oh, I remember this lunch cost us about RM 20 per person between the 3 of us - I hope that helps).

I had always heard about Ka Soh (it's been around for YEARS) but never got around to trying it out....

Anyway, we decided to try out the outlet in the Bukit Damansara area (pretty much just behind Sri Ayutthaya) for lunch one day. Inside, the restaurant is simple but comfortable, with classic white walls and wooden tables:
Simple settings inside.....

Tempted by the promises of deep fried yummy-ness, we ordered the deep fried sotong (calamari):
The deep fried calamari.....

Oh man - this ROCKED.
I think it's hard to find really good deep fried calamari, and this was definitely well into the delicious category - juicy (and not chewy, yay!) chunk of calamari enveloped in a light, crispy batter.
(I hope to God it was not just a fluke. I will order this again the next time I go there and report back if it's not just as good)

Trying to balance out the sin, we ordered the fried French beans:

Very simply prepared - just stir fried with some garlic - the beans were crunchy and delicious.... We did find the serving a bit small though.
(To be fair, we did order the "small" serving size but we didn't expect it to be erm... so small lah. Haha... )

Of course, we figured that you can't go to Ka Soh and not order their house specialty - the fish head noodles - so got ourselves a big bowl of it (but in this case with fish slices, instead of chunky fish head pieces):
My bowl of noodles.....

To our surprise, this is served with an optional but fairly unhealthy serving of Chee Yau Char (deep fried pork fat) on the side:

It's strange but I didn't really like this - the noodle texture was ok and the fish slices were fresh but the soup was sort of watery and bland.... :(
(Then again, I realise that I do like my food pretty salty so it could just be me)

Anyway, I think I'll definitely be back for the deep fried calamari and to sample more of the other a la carte Chinese food there (they even have a few exotic options like frog!).... :) Not sure about the fish head noodles though!

So, it's: Good selection of yummy Chinese food, some unusual dishes (frog), simple yet comfortable ambience BUT strange, the house specialty (fish head noodles) was only ok and prices are a wee bit on the high side (but it is the Damansara Heights area after all)....

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Ka Soh @ Medan Damansara
136, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara,
59490 Kuala Lumpur

(Behind Victoria Station's row in Damansara Heights)

Taste: 6
Ambience : 6
Service : 6
Price** : RM30++ per person
Parking: Very limited and generally painful

** Approximation - typical Chinese sharing style meal
Telephone No.: 03-2093 7388 (Damansara Heights outlet)
Opening Hours: 11am - 3pm, 6pm to 10pm


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  1. But i love the fish head noodle here. Love the power punch ginger taste of the fish & vege stock. I always ask for the skinny noodles instead. Then again, I always love subtle tasting things.

    To each its own. :)

  2. me too! i like less salty stuffs so this may seat well w me

  3. to qwazymonkey and thenomadGourmand:
    Indeed! :)

    At the other end of the spectrum, me and my lunch mates were tossing chili and soy sauce in the soup to try to make it "nicer". Haha...

  4. JQ: I haven't been there but I heard lukewarm reviews..

    Qwazy Monkey: I hear the fish head noodles behind the Damansara Specialist Centre is even better. Try there!!!!

  5. to The Innovative Baker:
    Well, the other a la carte food is nice (so far) and some ppl like the fish head noodles. :)
    (So can't be all bad, right?)

  6. Oooh timely reminder! I was here many years ago and remembered being underwhelmed by the fish head noodles, but really impressed by the Wat Tan Hor, of all things?? Need to revisit and refresh perspective! :-P

  7. Lets go! Munkey.. You too! Hehe

  8. to 550ml jar of faith @ minchow:
    LOL. Seems Ka Soh is very consistent at surprising ppl. :)

    to Cumi & Ciki:
    Yay. Let's! :)
    (Deep fried squid, here I come!)

    to Anonymous:

  9. to Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy:
    Sounds yummy. :) :) Will try that next time.


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