Monday, November 02, 2009

Autogrill Cafe @ Italy

Convenient place for yummy food all around Italy.....

Whilst on my road trip through Italy, hungry and tired, my friend suggested we stop for a bite at the Autogrill (which is a a chain of highway food outlets). Grudgingly I agreed, thinking, "I came all the way to Italy to eat highway rest stop type food?? *sigh* Oh well....".

Anyway, we stopped by the next outlet we came across, next to a petrol station... It had a simple setting inside - one part cafe and and one part mini grocery store:
Inside the Autogrill...

There were a range of simple foods to choose from - basically different kinds of (mostly) breads and pastries:
Lots of bread, cheese and pork!...

My friend recommended the Piadini (Euro 4.20), which he said was a popular local flat bread (which just looked like a chapati to me... haha...):
My piadini...

The waitress quickly grilled the Piadini and passed the hot pocket of carby goodness into my greedy hands. Oh, (porky) bliss - it was simple but good, filled with:
- Prosciutto slices (salty but yummy),
- Crescenza cheese (sinfully creamy), and
- some rocket leaves (balancing flavour).

So much for my negative pre-conceptions - it turns out highway-side food in Italy is clean, convenient and most importantly, delicious.

From then on, I was more than happy to stop at any given Autogrill for a snack. Later on in the trip, I tried the Buffolini (Euro 3.90):
More bread, cheese and pork!...

Again, it was filled with Prosciutto but this time paired with buffalo mozzarella (which I thought sounded interesting) in a round Panini like bread. The flavour was much milder (due to the lighter tasting cheese) but again it was a great snack - simple and yummy. :)

You should also not miss out on the coffees which are also surpisingly good there - I tried a lot of the Expresso (Euro 1.00):
Caffeine is a good friend of mine...

I usually do not take expressos, prefering cappuccinos or sinful mochas,... but I decided that (since I was in Italy where I've heard rave reviews about the coffee) I should try out coffee in its simplest and purest form.

(Given that you like coffee) MMMMMMMMMmmmm. :) :) :)

Anyway, if you're travelling in Italy and need a really decent bite - look out for the bright red sign that says Agrill or Autogrill (usually next to petrol stations, just off the highways). Apparently, some of the larger outlets have an additional, more restaurant-y section called Acafe where you can order hot food like pastas etc,... but it's not open all the time (just lunch and dinner):
A convenient choice...

So, it's: Clean, convenient locations just off the highways, yummy breads, pastries and coffees at reasonable prices BUT don't overeat and forget to leave space in your tummy for more yummy Italian food (pastas, etc) when you arrive at your destination city! :P....

Summary Information: AutoGrill @ Italy

Opening Hours: -
Phone: -
Address: More than 500 outlets all across Italy (usually next to petrol stations, off the highway)


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  1. fotos fotos fotos! kawaiii... hehe

  2. prosciutto on highway outlets..damn shiok!! we get minced meat kinda ham from questionable sources..

  3. That is fantastic genuine authentic original traditional roadside bread from the real Italy of Europa !
    Mama Mia !

  4. to Cumi & Ciki:
    Haaaai! Choto matte kudasaiiii.... :)

    to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    LOL. Well, what to do? - It's a different world here... :)
    (But at least we can get yummy laksas and nasi lemaks - can't find those in Italy for sure)

    to backStreetGluttons:
    Yup - Mamma mia indeed! Was very yummy. :)

  5. Wah prosciutto !...tasty fellow. Which part of Italy for breakfast ?

  6. to nyonyachef:
    If I remember correctly, this was in an Autogrill just off the highway near Bologna. :)

  7. i agree on the expresso in Italy. had a cup (aka a sip) and gosh, my eyes were WIDE open! it definitely kept me awake throughout the endless gallery visits...haha.

  8. to Nic (KHKL):
    Well, that's useful, isn't it? Something that tastes good, is pretty natural and helps keep you awake when you need it? :)

  9. that certainly looks cleaner than what we have here in Msia. *_*

  10. to J2Kfm:
    Completely! Clean, comfortable, and most importantly, the food was delicious. :)
    (Not much in terms of seating though - standing room only - but I guess it's ok since it's only meant for a quick bite...)


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