Friday, November 06, 2009

Prime @ Le Meridien Hotel, KL

Promised my friends I would put this up....

Yes, I am a Malaysian food blogger (or as recently coined, a Malaysian FLogger... haha).

I love food (as do most Malaysians) but really, it's not that I'm some sort of expert - I can't cook to save my life, and tastewise for me it basically boils down to:
1) I like, :)
2) OK lah, :\
3) Eeyer - Don't like! :(

... with subgroups for:
1) Reasonable price,
2) OK lah,
3) Wah. So expensive.

That said, it's difficult for me to truly judge the quality of a steak especially in this case (since I cannot afford to and have never dined at Prime @ Le Meridian**)... but 2 of my friends made me promise that I would post this up (since they are too lazy to maintain food blogs of their own. :P).

Basically, the message to be conveyed is:
Beware of the waiters/ waitresses at Prime.
It's not that the ambience and food isn't nice there (although it is super overpriced unless you have the Starwood Card), but you must not leave it to the wait staff to adjust the portion of the special cuts of steak (that are priced at hundreds of RM per KG btw) because they will tend to take advantage of your trust.

What do I mean? Well, first look at the size of the steak my friend and his date were served:
X 2!

No kidding - they were served that size of steak each.
(That's 500grams per person - HALF A KG OF BEEF, EACH!)

This happened to 2 of my friends on separate occasions***, one of which suffered more financially and also tastewise because she had Wagyu which is super rich and jelak-inducing after >100g.
(*** One friend was out on a date, and another had brought her dad there as a birthday dinner treat)

Also, if you were wondering - Yes, both my friends had explicitly voiced their concerns over the potential sizing of the portions but were told by the waiter/ waitress at the time, " Don't worry, it will be just nice for the both of you ".
(Oh, and no lah - there's no way the wait staff could have made an honest mistake because my friends do not in any way look like sumo wrestlers or World Wrestling Federation stars)

So, you have been warned.
(Pssst... Jo & sooJ - done! Posted oredi...)

So it's: Nice ambience, food is good but expensive (unless you have the Starwood card) and you can't really trust the waiters/ waitresses there....

PS. **If anyone wants to buy me dinner there - please feel free to, ok? I would love to find out first hand whether the food is really good or not, bad service aside. :D

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Prime @ Le Meridien Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Taste: ?
Ambience : ?
Service : ?
Price** : > RM 150/++ per person
Parking: ?

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-2263 7434
Opening Hours: 12noon - 2.30pm, 6:30pm - 10pm


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  1. always order the size u r comfy with..

    in that case, yes..half a kg shud b just right haha..

  2. Approximation for a three course meal should exclusing drinks would probably come closer to RM300 (assuming no starwood card)

    stewpid waitress... we're chinese! and while we do eat almost anything and everything, it doesn't mean we can eat the whole thing!


  3. nasib baik I don't eat beef :)
    by the way, I'm sure they are directed by the management to do that! once u place trust on someone else.. it's just like on chopping board.
    Mom always remind me in Cantonese "fong yan zi sam pat ho mou"... don't know if u understand this phrase or not :)

  4. 1/2 kg of beef.Wow. That there is one hearty meal! Thanks for the pre-empt ;)

  5. to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Yeah, but the problem is when the waiters/ waitresses try to upsell irresponsibly and take advantage of the fact that you think you can trust them... :(
    (And many ppl who don't cook, lik me, have no idea how many grams of meat is appropriate per person... )
    (But still, once burnt, twice shy loh - how many times do they think they can "bluff" ppl like that?)

    to j:
    Really?? But if that steak can feed (rightfully) about 5 ppl then it's possible to eat for around 150++ bucks, isn't it?
    (Sorry, I thought sooJ mentioned that there are some cheaper cuts on the menu too)

    to thule a.k.a. leo:
    But that sort of behaviour is so not classy worr... It's supposed to be a high class hotel right??
    (Erm. What's the meaning of that phrase ah? I'm quite "banana" lah... Sorry...)

  6. to UnkaLeong:
    That's a VERY hearty meal loh. Haha...
    (My friend's date ta pauwed back her half and had it for lunch with her parents the next day... So actually what they served to them that night can feed almost 5 people! O_o)

  7. there are...
    We were actually going to go for the wagyu but it was sold out so we had the black angus prime rib..

    Don't get me wrong, it tastes great
    and my meal came up to i think 500+ before the discount.

    That being said, if you have a small appetite, just order a soup. Bread is free.. =)

    There are steaks below $100 as they serve a very very large variety of cuts and origin. I'm actually a fan.. lol just it's the first time I encountered such a large slab of beef.

    Just don't let them sell you 1kg of meat for 2.. =)

  8. to sooJ:
    "Slab" is a really fitting word! Haha...

  9. wow.... really huge. hhmmm.... wondering how much commisson they get from that slab>

  10. to QuiRkY-Malaysia:
    Yeah - HUGE! O_O

    No idea... but it's really bad behaviour on their end, don't you think?
    (And so wasteful too)

  11. i tapau-ed mine home too and my mom fried it with kailan the next day....

    wagyu and kailan....not a great combo i can assure you XP

  12. to j:
    That sounds... erm....
    Well,... err....
    You poor thing. *hugs*

  13. lol.. anyone up for cheap-ish wagyu sometime soon? I wanna try out that place in KJ... unfortunately it closes at 6pm on saturdays

  14. to soojc:
    Cheap wagyu? How cheap? *curious*
    Actually don't like it so much (too rich/jelak) but definitely don't mind trying it out. :)

  15. thanks for the heads up since we're small eater :p but i'm still waiting for ppl to belanja me there too! LOL

  16. to babe_kl:
    *hopes that some generous person is reading this and will belanja her and babe_kl (and Cap'n Hook too!) at Prime*
    :) :)

  17. Prime is a rip off. the waitresses always encourage you to order more when they know very well that being ladies, we sure can't finish that big slab of meat! Once I had dinner with 9 friends and the bill came up to RM8k but with some wines la... cut throat!

  18. to eiling lim:
    Oh dear. Seems like a lot of people have had this bad experience in Prime... :(
    (OMG. That's a lot of money!! Even with wines........)

  19. thanks for the heads up.. just planning to go there actually

  20. to Izad:
    No problem. :)
    Hope you enjoy the food there - Do share your experience if you can.

  21. Hello. And Bye.


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