Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Scene 1
Out on a Saturday night.....
Sue: "Hey, J! Have you lost weight?"
Me : "Er,... I don't think so. You're not trying to make me happy are you? :P That's what you said the last time too... Haha... "
Sue : "No lah. Trust me, I haven't seen you for about a month - you've definitely lost weight"


Scene 2
At the gym.....
Random girl**: "Hey, actually you've lost a lot of weight since the first time I saw you.... especially around the thighs."
Me: "Oh really? Thanks? :)" ***


Scene 3
Having a drink at a nearby mamak.....
(Conversation drifts to the topic of the sadness of finding out that jeans from college days cannot even be pulled past thighs/ zipped up without risking permanent damage to internal organs....)
Me: Ya loh. So sad, right? :( I can't believe I've gained so much weight.
S: Well, me too. And I could never gain weight when I was younger! :(
Me: But you still look fine lah! Not like me... I used to be hot! (Wah, so modest, right? *lol*)
S: You're still hot, DUMMY. *glare*

(Erm, got called a dummy,.. but still: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!)

If you can't already tell, it was a good week for me, ego-wise.

I hope you don't think that I'm so utterly conceited/ vain/ getting inflated on some little bits of praise...

... I'm simply happy because there seems to be some indication that all the hard work I put in is finally paying off - I didn't want to lose weight too drastically though, so in more or less a year, I've gone from this (XL sized J!):

To this (L sized J!):

But still very far away from this (M sized J!):
My past, and hopefully, my future...

(Hmmmmm, do you see any difference between the 3 photos? Or is it just me?)

I won't lie: It wasn't easy! - especially with how much I love food.... but somehow I have managed to stick by the simple rules of:
- work out as often as possible (I gym about 4 times a week now), and
- eat anything, but just be much more careful on how much and at what time.
(Hopefully, I can keep at it till I come closer to being the girl in the 3rd photo...)

:) :) :)

Happy dance *WOOT!*,

** She's a regular in the gym class I go for, but I'd never talked to her before.
*** Hey waitaminute, on second thought: Why's she checking out my thighs??

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  1. Nothing beats the satisfaction of loosing weight and keeping it down hor? Looking good Gurl!

  2. Wow! How much I wish I could be like you, losing weight and looking gorgeous... Keep it up!

  3. wow, congrats. niways, you are not gemuk in the first place la. hawtness! :D

  4. you look OK what?
    the key word is "moderation" in whatever you are eating :)
    I still think L sized J looks better compared to M sized J.. lol! Hug-able I'd say.
    But girls will always try to go back to the glory days and will never stop until the reach their goals. But don't overstretch yourself ok???
    *hope to see you again soon*

  5. to Unka Leong:
    It's so difficult to maintain... but definitely feels really good when I have to give away clothes because they are too loose now. :) :) :)

    to Ming Na:
    Thanks... :)
    (And why not? If there's a will, there's a way, right?)

    to Nic (KHKL):
    Awww... thanks *blush*...
    but well, I wuz gemuk, I wuz!
    (I cropped out my face in the first photo but I'll show you next time - my face looked positively swollen!!)

    to thule a.k.a leo:
    Thanks Leo. You're so sweet!
    (Hmmmm... or is it that your darling Jen has given you very good training? Haha...)

    Well, I'm not aiming to be back to my skinniest (during college days) - Just love being healthier (and looking better while I'm at it)!

    I'll try not to overdo it... but you warn me if you see me getting too skinny, ok? Then we'll all go have a yummy chocolate cake or something delicious like that, ok? :) :)

  6. crap..4 times a week sounds so distant past for me..been finding too many reasons to go constantly..

    looks like im heading towards XL land..wait a min..already there..XXL here i come lor =(

  7. Somebody's got a crush on ya!

    Congrats on being able to loose weight. Try as I may, this monkey's forever stucked in "a LIL fat" land! A constant reminder of how much I love food.

  8. Congrats! Go gal! Did she ask you for yr tel no, since she was chking out yr thighs???

  9. to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    You're only XXL because you're pretty tall by Asian standards! Anyway now you're going for Fizfit, right? I'm sure its many times more effective than me jumping around in the gym class. :)

    to qwazymonkey:
    Silly monkey. *hugs*
    You are not fat! Not even a lil!

    to boo_licious:
    No she didn't. :P
    Anyway, it was sweet of her to notice but I no wannnnnt. If it was a hot guy at the gym,... well that's a different story. Haha... :)

  10. Keep it up girl!! You're looking good already, but anything to make yourself feel good, as long as you do it sensibly! I went through same arduous process a few months ago, because I was adamant to fit into my old jeans. It was haaaaard but I'm glad I've gotten there! No looking back!

  11. to 550ml jar of faith @minchow:
    And you too! *hugs* :) :)
    (Wahh.. good work, girl! - I still can't quite fit into my uni days jeans but I'm working on it...)

  12. so skinny! i like the last shot. i dont see the point of blotting out ur face when everyone knows its u :P

  13. to CUMI & CIKI:
    I is very shy, ok? :P :P

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