Wednesday, November 04, 2009

J's Haunted Harajuku Friday

(Somewhat) A photo heavy filler post... but enjoy! :).....

Dining with Malaysian Flogger royalty at Bar Italia:
Ciki takes a photo of Lyrical Meena and BE...

Then, Harajuku Halloween Eve fun at Daikanyama, Changkat Bukit Bintang:
- Agent Ciki Harajuku poses with the Daikanyama resident redhead Agent Barricuda
Harajuku hotness...

- DJ Blastique providing the sick beats for the night
Hot beats and hot DJ...

- Kampaaaaaaiiiiii!!! :) :) Yummy booze + bloggers = Happy!
Lots of yummy drinks make the night more fun...

- Ciki with the our Goth-ed Flogger Queen Meena
Dazzling smiles...

- Yvonne, and Paranoid Android in the background! :), in a photo with the ultra pink Gloomy Bear
Balancing act?...

- ... but Naughty Gloomy Bear can't resist taking a bite of the lovely Yvonne

- And here I am with music expert Brother B
Peace! (Hee hee. Sorry lah. Am shy - it was hard enough walking down the street in that outfit on Friday. BTW, to all those who were staring/ pointing/ laughing at me that night: "OI! It was Halloween eve lah. Never seen a girl in a (sort of) school girl outfit before ah??" :P)...

Thanks to:
- Miss Hot Stuff for organising such a fun night out! :)
- Meena, BE, Yvonne, Brother B, Nigel, PA for making the night even better,
- Mr Barricudda for being such a great host at Daikanyama.

Hugs to all :),

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  1. how cute! i must as brother B to comment! haha.. lovely lovely..

  2. Hehe...I like that pic of Yvonne and Gloomy Bear making out. :-P Good fun, girlfriend! ;-)

  3. hahaha.. I can only imagine your cute look donning that dress :)

  4. to CUMI & CIKI:
    I tried to put up the best shots that I have so that everyone looks as fantastic as they do in real life... :)
    (If anyone has any violent objections then they better voice out - for my consideration :P...)

    to Lyrical Lemongrass:
    Lol. Yeah... altho I'm not sure if he's out to get some or out for blood!
    (He's can be a pretty violent bear as you can tell by his claws)

    to thule a.k.a leo:
    I think the big yellow smiley face is even cuter. No meh? :) :) Haha...

  5. Ms J - pretty pretty in pink - 'oui, la vie en rose'

  6. to Brother B:
    Ooh la la... Merci beaucoup, monsieur! :)
    (That's about as much French as I can manage to speak... Haha... )

  7. Glad u had fun babe! Hw was the food at bar italia?
    Sun free for lunch?

  8. to thenomadGourmand:
    The food was quite nice, although I feel quite guilty that we ordered baby goat that night!
    (It was one of the daily specials)
    (Poor thing. It was delicious though....)

    Sorry can't this weekend... Juggling between a few friend's birthday parties and taking my mum out... How about next week? :) :)

  9. oohhh...looks like you guys had so MUCH FUN!!! must try to stay around for halloween next year. :p

  10. To ToyGirl:
    Yes please... It would have been nicer if you were there too - the more the merrier!
    :) :)


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