Monday, November 30, 2009

Braised Duck @ Kam Heong, PJ Old Town

Tender braised duck in the PJ Old Town area.....

It's funny... but I guess I am guilty of mostly sticking to only the restaurants I am familiar with, when it comes to simple food at coffee shops.

So when Lyn told me about Kam Heong, which has been serving up really good braised duck in the PJ old town area for many a year, I realised that (sadly) not only have I never tried it but I had also never heard of it before:
Outside the restaurant at night..........

It is supposedly pretty famous amongst duck lovers in the PJ area... but that night when we went, it wasn't very packed (although it did look like the duck had almost run out):
Simple coffeeshop setting..........

We quickly ordered a whole duck, and a quick chop-chop later, the slightly gruff foreign(?) waiter served it to our eager table of hungry yuppies:
Our heap of duck..........

All in all, yum! - The duck was tender, tasty (savoury flavour) and not too game-y. :)

I do wish the duck was more meaty though, but there was a moderate amount of flesh, topped with equally tender skin so we were fairly satisfied.
(We did greedily order another half a duck to share between the 7 of us that night)

Other than the duck, there are also some side dishes you can order to complement your meal:
- Vegetables, fried with garlic:

It was ok - Moderately fresh veggies, nothing special, but not bad either.

- Braised Mushrooms:
Braised Chinese mushrooms..........

I liked this simple dish - the mushrooms had been braised for long enough that they were tender without being too soft, and were completely soaked with flavour. :)

- Salted vegetables:
The salted vegetables..........

If I had to describe this dish in 3 words it would be: Boiled to death.
Haha... :)

Well, there are some good comments of these on the WWW so maybe the restaurant was just having a bad night? - when we were there, the chunks of salted vegetables were devoid of any significant texture (really, really soft) and weren't actually very salty/ tasty (in fact, I thought it tasted a tad sweet).

As with most coffeeshop style restaurants, there was no receipt, but as I remember, we each paid less than RM 20 that night for the whole meal (including drinks).

So, it's: Simple coffeeshop setting, nice braised duck for reasonable prices, a few ok tasting side dishes BUT nothing to complain about really - service can be a tad gruff but hey, it's a coffeeshop - don't expect it to be a fine dining experience.... :)

Summary Information:
Braised Duck @ Kam Heong Restaurant, PJ Old Town

Opening Hours: 5pm to 10pm
Phone: -
Address: 8, Jalan Tengah, Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin, Petaling Jaya New Town (the corner next to the UOB Bank)


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  1. 50 mins to go b4 lunch and i'm sooo hungry now looking at the duck :(

  2. One duck for 7 people?? How to get full? No wonder you had to order another half a duck! =P

  3. I'd go to PJ Old Town anytime if wasn't for the traffic jam :(
    been a while I havenn't gone back there...

  4. i was about to comment the same thing as to eat wor, 7 fellows between 1.5 chooks...

  5. Hahah! I knw this shop..and i think its atr stall that sells chic rice in the mornings?
    Unka did say it was not bad.
    And hey, dont believe wht u read on the internet! LOL ;p
    u knw wht i mean *wink*

  6. to babe_kl:
    Muahaha.. That's my revenge for all the years you made me hungry with your blog posts... :)

    to bangsar_babe and "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Haha.. Well, it was a combination of one person feeling sick (no appetite), mostly girls and everyone saving their tummies for chocolate cake (which a friend had brought for dessert...).

    If not, I'm sure we would have ordered much much more. :)

    to thule aka leo:
    Yeah... me too.. But I guess it's not so bad on a weekend?
    (We went there on a Saturday night, I think)

    to CUMI & CIKI:
    Word! :) :)

    to thenomadGourmand:
    Haha.. I know. ;)
    But hey, everyone's tastebuds+preferences are different anyway, right? So actually there's no right or wrong! (I guess) :)

  7. old school place, naisss :D

  8. to KY:
    Good food, reasonable price - can't ask for more, right? :)

  9. Lots of old people to around there too?

  10. to QuiRkY-Malaysia:
    Actually, there was this one old lady sitting alone at a nearby table... So bad lah - my friend said he wanted to scare me by saying "What old lady? I don't see her.....".


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